You again?!

Ashley is 19 now, she grew up in Holmes Chapel, but then she moved to London. She was deeply in love with one of his classmates Harry. When Harry left for The Xfactor Ashley never saw him again. Now after 3 years they will meet up again. Will Harry fall for Ashley or is he going to ignore her again?


8. First Kiss

Ashley's P.OV

Did Harry just sanged 'Still the one' to me? I thought I was dreaming but then I found myself staring at his enchanting green eyes. And I thought to myself 'this is real'. I felt confused. This song talks about a boy and a girl who broke up but the guy is still in love with her. So. Was Harry trying to tell me he loved me? I don't know but that was so sweet of him that I swear I wanted to kiss him so bad. He looked perfect; staring at me, and his arms wrapped around me. It was perfect.

There was silence for a cople of seconds, then I heard Harry cleared his throat like he wanted to say something. So I turned around to face him again.

'Hmmmm Ash, theres something I need to tell you.' He was looking at me waiting for an answer, but I just stared at him, so he would go on.

' I...I love you. And I always did, when I left for The Xfactor I couldn't stop thinking about you... And when you said you were in love with someone else, I felt jealous... I just don't want to ruin this friendship. So if you don't feel the same thats fine. I just wanted to let you know...'

This words were surprising to me. I didn´t know he loved me. I always loved him too. Now that he told me this I couldn't hold it anymore and as soon as I know it my lips are crushing against his. I couldn't believe I actually gave the first step. But Harry continued the next steps. He grabbed me by the waist and I grabbed him by the neck it was perfect.

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