You again?!

Ashley is 19 now, she grew up in Holmes Chapel, but then she moved to London. She was deeply in love with one of his classmates Harry. When Harry left for The Xfactor Ashley never saw him again. Now after 3 years they will meet up again. Will Harry fall for Ashley or is he going to ignore her again?


3. confused

Harry's P.O.V

Was it just me or Niall was flirting with Ashley?! I couldn't believe one of my best mates actually betrayed me! Well it was my fault too, cause I didn't told them how much I like Ashley. 

"She's lovely man!" I heard Niall saying, and I wanted to punch him but I controlled myself.

"Yeah I guess so... so do you like her?"  I asked trying to sound casual.

"She's pretty and everything but, I think you're pretty much into her..."

Well he got me with that last thing he said, but I couldn't lie maybe she liked him too and I couldn't lose her again. So I just nodded and blushed a little.

"Hhahah! knew it! Don't worry man I won't take her away from you." 

I smiled at him and hugged him, why did I want to punch this boy in the first place he's too cute.

"Thanks mate! But  please don't tell the rest of the lads yet. I will tell them tomorrow."

"Don't  worry I won't"

I nodded and headed back to my flat. 

Ashley's P.O.V

"How the hell did he recognized me?"  I asked Vanessa on our way to the flat.

"Well I don't know, maybe you like him. I don't think you noticed but he was kinda jealous when you were talking to Niall"

"WHAT?  I think you're lying to me to make me feel better aren't you?" I said playfully and dying in the inside cause of course I noticed he was jealous but I thought it was just me.

"Noo...I really mean it."

"And what am I suppose to do now, he completely ignored me when we were at high school  Besides I think I'm starting to like Niall. He's sweet and he doesn't ignore me the way Harry did."

"Oh crap! Really?"


"Well I think you should  see how it goes in the next couple of days. And then chose which one you like."

"Yes I think i'll do that. Thanks I love you Van"

"I love you too Ash, you can always count on me"

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