"Louis, Im pregnant."

This story follows Erin and Louis. Erin is a 16 year old girl who is dating Louis Tomlinson, an 18 year old boy. These 2 teens have to suffer the hardest moment in their lives, 'Pregnancy.' They have to suffer the bullying,drama,and consiquences of being parents. Their friends help them, but thats not enough. Will these 2 teens find that being a parent is no joke? Will they be closer than they ever were? Find out more, In this story "Louis, Im pregnant."


6. Mariah's home. Erin POV

We finally took Mariah home! Yes! I get to spend some actual time with me beautiful daughter. Once we took Mariah in the house, Louis held her on the couch. They watched some t.v. Well Lou did. While he was feeding Mariah. "Cant you just wait until she's 1?" Louis said looking at her and smiling. He made some funny faces at her. "Your such an amazing dad." I said sitting next to Lou. "You are too. I wouldn't be a perfect dad without you. Its a team job." Louis said reaching over and planting a kiss on my cheek. I laughed at his comment and laid on his shoulder. "Can you sing babe?" Louis asked me. "You know I cant sing." I said looking at him. "Well of course you can! You sing like an angel." He said. "Na." I said laughing. "Fine then!" He said laughing. We stood in quiet for about 10 seconds until I spoke. "So I decided Im not going to breastfeed." I said looking at him. "Yes more for me!" Louis said happy. "Whoa there pretty boy! We like just had a baby. We don't need another one so soon." I said looking at him.  "Fine." Louis said mad. "But can we have another like when Mariah is like...2?" He asked. "Ill think about it. Chill." I said laughing. "We could call her Mary." Louis said looking at me. "Aw thats nice." I said smiling at him. "See! Im smart." He said with a happy face. "Keep dreaming!" I said walking out with Mary to put her to bed. "Ill stay here I guess." Louis said yelling. "Yeah you do that." I said loudly while placing Mary in her crib. Mariah was like the best baby in the world. She didn't cry all the time. She was amazing. Soon after you know it. She's 2 months old already. Me and Lou are still running around the house baby proofing for when she gets older and all that stuff. Layla is already 5 months pregnant and her bump is showing. Zayn met a very nice girl named Perrie and they are very happy together. Liam is still the same along with Harry. Niall on the other hand is taking care of Layla all the time. Sometimes all day everyday. Im going to work in about 3 more months when Lou can take care of the baby on his own. But, something was wrong with Mary. When she turned 4 months old, she wasn't eating or drinking a lot anymore. She always had a tummy ache and she would sleep a lot. She would cry in the middle of the night more often then she did. I asked my mom about this. She said just to wait a couple of more weeks to see if this is happening. If it stops, great. If it doesn't stop, I have to take her to a doctor. I waited 3 more weeks, she turned 5 months old. It was still happening. Except, it got worse. She would throw up more whenever she ate. She lost tons of weight. I tried breast feeding her, it didn't work. So I had to get her checked out. I was terrified. I hope this was just a faze. I don't want my baby girl to be sick. We got to the doctor. Lou,Layla,Me,And My Mom was there. Mary went through a whole bunch of tests. "Come back in 4 days? The tests will be complete. Just keep feeding her naturally until you come back. Alright?" Doctor asked me. "Okay. I got it." I said as I took Mariah and walked out. "You guys hungry? Ill pay for dinner." My mom said getting her purse. "Maaam! Its fine!" Louis said. Louis has been calling my mom, mom since we were like 14 and started dating. She doesn't care, she thinks its cute.

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