"Louis, Im pregnant."

This story follows Erin and Louis. Erin is a 16 year old girl who is dating Louis Tomlinson, an 18 year old boy. These 2 teens have to suffer the hardest moment in their lives, 'Pregnancy.' They have to suffer the bullying,drama,and consiquences of being parents. Their friends help them, but thats not enough. Will these 2 teens find that being a parent is no joke? Will they be closer than they ever were? Find out more, In this story "Louis, Im pregnant."


4. I think Im in Labor. Harry & Layla POV

I was home alone with Erin. Yay! I loved Erin to death. Like a girlfriend. She is now 9 months pregnant and that baby could pop any second. She's been having some contractions and I have been watching her. I seen her walking back in here. Her stomach was wrapped in a sweater and her hair was tied. She was also in some sweats and had nothing on her feet except her ankle bracelet. "OW!" She said bending down. Another contraction. I hated these. It kinda ruined my times with Erin and the times we can share together. "Where is Louis, do you know?" Erin said sitting down. "Nope." I said turning on t.v. Spongebob came on. "I should call him. I would like to go to the hospital tonight. Just to get this pregnancy over with." She said yelling at her stomach. "Hey now! Don't blame the baby!" I said laughing. "Your right I suppose." She said laughing and going to the kitchen. "Of course Im right! Im Harry." I said following her and grabbing her shoulders. "You trying to flirt Mr Styles?" She said laughing and grabbing my curls. "Im not saying I am." I said winking. "Harry, your adorable. You should try to find a woman!" She said excited. "I have a whole bunch of friends you can talk to! Jenna,Ally,Rose,Layla,Courtney,Megan,Lisa,and Is-" I cut her off. She was scrolling down her contacts as I covered her mouth to make her shut up. Once I removed my hand she finished the name she was saying. "Isabelle." She said laughing. I rolled my eyes. "I do not need a woman to make me happy Ms Garcia!!!" I said laughing. "Obviously you do!!!" she said giggling and sitting down. "Hey what about El?! She's beautiful,smart,and talented." she said. "El is very nice and gorgeous, but I just never thought about her more than a friend. She's like, a roommate." I said tapping my fingers on the table as I said next to Erin. "Harold Styles, you know you love El. I love El! EVERYONE LOVES EL!" She said chewing on a piece of bread. "I love El, just not like that." I said sighing. "Fine then." She said with a sarcastic tone. "Thanks love." I said hugging her. She flicked me off and went upstairs. "Don't go into labor." I said up the stairs. "Eh, Ill try." she said laughing. I know she cant help it. Baby is gonna come out and she cant help it. Louis walked into the door. "Hey Haz." He said running upstairs. Guess it was to check on Erin. I shrugged. I need a girlfriend. But I wanted Erin. Maybe I could get one of her friends. I grabbed her phone and typed the passcode 1-6-4-7. Her contacts was open. I looked at the girl named Rose. She looks cute. Just then Niall walked through the door with a girl. Beautiful blue eyes with brown hair. Skinny but still had a nice bum and big boobs and had a figure. "Guys come down!" Niall screamed. Then Louis came running down holding Erin in his arms. Just as he put Erin down, she went to go hug for the girl. "LAYLA!!" She said running. "Erin!" She said holding out her arms. "Pregnant Hoe." Layla said laughing. So this is who Niall was talking about. His girlfriend!!!! I never actually listened to him. Now I see why he loved her. "1 month old pregnant hoe!" Erin said laughing. "Your pregnant?" I blurted out. I know I shouldn't have, but I had to. "Yes. With Niall." She said walking to me. She held her hand out. "Ramirez. Layla Ramirez." She said with her lovely American Accent. Me and Niall had a thing for American girls. I don't know why. "Hello Layla, Im Styles. Harry Styles." I said taking her hand and shaking it. She gave me a smile and Niall walked up to her. "Horan. Niall Horan." He said holding Layla's waist. "The one and only." She said taking his hands. He smiled and kissed her. I looked back at the phone. Rose. Maybe I should tell Erin to call her for me. "So how did an American meet a British?" Louis said handing Layla a water. "Long story." Layla and Erin said at the same time. "Well save it for later, we gotta a diner to be at." Liam said walking out. "Wait what?" Erin said following him. "I made reservations. We gotta go." He said. Once he said that, Everyone followed. We all got in the car and Liam drove to the diner. It was called 'Good Times'. We all walked in and got a table for 10. Once we sat in our table, Erin and Layla looked right away at the menu. "Pancakes sounds so good." Layla said looking at Erin. "I want bacon...." Erin said. "OH MY GOSH ME TOO!" Layla said throwing her menu. She grabbed the water from the table and started to drink it. "So hows your pregnancy doing?" Liam asked sitting across from Layla. "Fine, I mean once in a while I get moody and hungry. My morning sickness is coming down little by little." Layla said still drinking the water. "Erin was the same way." Louis said looking at Erin. "Duh, we are best friends." Layla said laughing and looking at Erin. "Yup." Erin said laughing and looking at Layla. The waiter came, we ordered, ate, and left. "We should go out for awhile." Erin said. "That will be great!" Layla said running to the car in the parking lot. "Well Me, Niall, Louis, and Layla will go in one car, and the rest will go in another one." Erin said walking to Louis car. "Fine," I said running with Zayn, and Liam. 

Layla POV

So Hi. Im Layla, Erin's friend. Me and Erin have been friends forever. <3 Its like we're sisters! I love her so much. Iv'e been with her through everything! Okay so Im dating Niall! Its going great. He's the father of my child. So yeah I have to love him. Louis turned on the radio. "She moves her body like a cyclone!" Niall screams dancing. "Oh shit Niall calm down!" Louis said covering Erin. You could tell that he loves her! Truth <3. "Ow." Erin said looking at Louis. "Im sorry love, did I hit you?" Louis said stopping the car and looking at Erin. "No you didn't it-OW!" Erin said dropping her phone. "Erin?!?" Niall said unbuckling his seat belt.  "Love what's wrong?!" Louis said in shock. "Lou, the baby's coming." Erin said stretching her legs. 

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