"Louis, Im pregnant."

This story follows Erin and Louis. Erin is a 16 year old girl who is dating Louis Tomlinson, an 18 year old boy. These 2 teens have to suffer the hardest moment in their lives, 'Pregnancy.' They have to suffer the bullying,drama,and consiquences of being parents. Their friends help them, but thats not enough. Will these 2 teens find that being a parent is no joke? Will they be closer than they ever were? Find out more, In this story "Louis, Im pregnant."


2. I think I wanna Marry You. Erin POV

~~1 week Later~~
Its been 1 week. The girls have been helping me a lot. Getting me my favorite foods,buying me clothes, and helping me with my morning sickness. Oh how I hated that. Anyway, the girls said I need to start talking to the boys more. Which was going to be awkward. I didn't care. They were my friends. I sat in the family room where all the boys were sitting. I had some strawberry's in a bowl next to me that I was eating out of. "So whats up?" I asked them. "Oh nothing." Liam said. "Come on, you guys know you can talk to me. Think of me as one of the guys." I said getting up. "Okay, guy." Harry said hugging me. "Yes. Im a dude." I said hugging him back. I seen Lou's eyes which didn't look happy. I let go. Niall started eating my strawberries. "NIALL! LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!" I said giving him a death glare. "Sorry." He said slowly moving back. "Good boy." I said walking towards the chair I was sitting on. "How does it feel to be preggos?" Zayn said. "You cant notice. Can you?!?" I said lifting my shirt. "NO." Liam said. Oh Liam. He was a goody goody. But Im pretty sure he's not a virgin. "Well then!" I said putting my shirt back down. "Your only 1 week. You cant really see anything." Lou said walking towards me. "Thanks. Thats what I wanna hear." I said putting my head on his shoulder. "I don't think I can do this Lou." I said with tears. "Do what?" Harry said. "Have a baby. Raise it." I said now letting my tears fall. "Theres always adoption and abortion." Lou said. "NO!" I said. "I will never abort a child." I said letting more tears fall. "Oh. Right." Louis said. "Yep." I said. "Come on." Harry said getting up. He pulled my hand up with Lou's. "Where are we going?" Louis said. "You guys are going to go have some fun." Harry said throwing us our coats. "Really?" I said excited. "Yep. Get in the car." Harry said opening the door for me. "I cant believe we are doing this." I said. Harry drove us to this really nice park. He kicked us out of the car. Then he drove off. "Well." Lou said on the floor. I started laughing. "Its really pretty tonight." I said looking up. "Yeah. But not as beautiful as you." Louis said laying on me. "I wont give up." He told me rubbing my stomach. "Im sorry Erin..." Lou said getting up. "For what? You didn't do anything wrong." I said confused and shocked. "I got you pregnant. I knew I should have used a condom. I thought you were on birth control and I just thought I wouldn't ne-" I cut him off. "Lou. Shut up." I said as I kissed him. "Okay." he said laughing. I started laughing. "Lets look for something dumb to do." I said getting up and running towards the trees. "Climb pretty boy!" I said pointing to the top of the tree. "Your coming with me!" Louis said taking my hand. "Im scared of hight!" I said pulling back. "Don't be. Ill take care of you darling. He said taking my hand again. This time I took his hand and we climbed. "Im scared." I said looking down. "Well don't look down darling!" He said pulling my chin. "That might work." I said laughing. "Your so beautiful." Louis said holding my hand. I got comfy on a branch and leaned my back on his chest. "Not to bad yourself Mr Tomlinson." I said winking at him. He started laughing as he started singing. At first I couldn't recognize the song, until he started singing it louder. And let me tell you something. Louis sang gorgeous. Like an angel. "Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you." He said in my ear. "Thats our song." I said with tears. I loved that song. That was also the song Ian sang to me. Ian, was my ex-boyfriend. He was very abusive. The only person I could turn too? Louis. Thats kinda the story about how me and Louis started going out. Ian left me with a broken nose and a bloody mouth. Also a scar on my wrist. Now Im better, my scar isn't. Its permanent. Its gonna be here forever. Im happy Louis accepted me with that tough. Why I loved him. Anyway, it was getting dark. We came down the tree and started walking hand in hand. Once we got home, Harry had tacos ready. I ate about 7 of them and I went to bed. "Can I join you?" Louis said taking off his jeans to reveal his boxers. Thats what Louis slept in. Boxers and a tank. I slept in sweats and a bra. "Sure." I said moving over. He got in and started playing with my hair. "I think I wanna marry you." He said again. Those words brought nothing but nightmares. From bad people. Ian. Ian. Ian. Is all I could think off. "I think I wanna marry you." I said again getting up. I fell asleep and had a dream. I was inside a dark place. "Hello?" I screamed. No one answered me. Until I heard another voice speak. "I think I wanna marry you." Ian said getting closer. I started backing away but he kept following me slower and slower. "I think I wanna Marry you." he said up to my face. I tried moving back but he was squeezing my body. "I think I wanna marry you." He said again. I started feeling my sweat down my head. I started punching and kicking. My fists went right through him. Until I kicked something. "HELP ME!!!!!" I screamed. I got up and fell out of bed. I started screaming thinking this was real. Louis woke up right away. Harry ran in right after and they both held me in their arms. "What happened Erin?" Harry said. "I think I wanna marry you." Is all I could say. Like when I was pregnant. "Nightmares. Come on Erin, Ill sing you to sleep." Louis said carrying me bridal style. "I think I wanna-" He started saying. "NO." I said getting up. He nodded knowing what that song brings back. I lay back down as he sang "Hey there Delilah" to me. I was finally safe in Louis arms. With my baby.

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