"Louis, Im pregnant."

This story follows Erin and Louis. Erin is a 16 year old girl who is dating Louis Tomlinson, an 18 year old boy. These 2 teens have to suffer the hardest moment in their lives, 'Pregnancy.' They have to suffer the bullying,drama,and consiquences of being parents. Their friends help them, but thats not enough. Will these 2 teens find that being a parent is no joke? Will they be closer than they ever were? Find out more, In this story "Louis, Im pregnant."


3. Boy or girl? Louis POV

Its been 3 months. Erin is showing her baby bump already. She is starting to crave more. Well thats simple. She is feeding 2 people. Im sure we are not having more that 1 knock on wood. We already started thinking of names. Niall,Harry,Danielle,El,and Erin want a girl. On the other hand Me,Liam,Zayn,and Perrie want a boy. If we have a boy we are going to name is Tom. That will sound great. Tommy Tomlinson. Oh thats cool. If we have a girl its name is going to be Isabella. Isabella Tomlinson. Lovely. Anyway today me and Erin want to go see what the baby will be. "LOUIS!" Erin screamed from downstairs. She was in the basement doing god knows what. I went downstairs to see her. "Louis can I maybe ask you some questions?" She said getting up. "You love me right?" She said getting closer to me. "Of corse I do babe why would you ask that!?" I said very concerned. "I just don't want you to leave me." She said with tears. Leave her?!? I wasn't that stupid!!! "I would NEVER Erin!" I said holding her. "Thanks," She said kissing my cheek. She started humming. "Its gonna be a girl." She said laughing. "No its not! Its gonna be a boy." I said laughing with her. "Shut the fuck up and kiss me already!" She said leaning in. I kissed her. Then Harry walked in. "You guys could do whatever you want, just don't hurt the baby." He said laughing. We pulled apart. We both started laughing. Anyway we started to get ready. Once we were done Me,Erin,Liam,and Dani went to the hospital. "Im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Dani said almost jumping out of her seat. Dani and Erin sat in the back and I was driving with Liam next to me. "Its gonna be a girl Louis!!" Erin said. "I can feel it!" She said holding her stomach. "Its a boy. A boy." I said holding her stomach but still looking where I was driving. "Lets turn on some tunes?" Dani said. "Sure." Liam said turning on the radio. The song was 'Locked Out of Heaven' by Bruno Mars. "Your sex takes me to paradise." Erin mumbled. "So does yours." I said winking at her. Once we were there, Erin ran out. We ran to the front desk and checked in. "Erin Garcia?" Erin said to the nurse. "Alright. Follow me Ms Garcia." She said going towards the elevator. We got in and she pressed the number 5. "A doctor will be waiting at the entrance for you guys." She said waving goodbye to us. "Thanks!" Dani screamed. Erin stood in the corner holding her plump little tummy. "No matter what it is, Ill love it." Erin said holding her stomach tighter. I went by her and kissed her tummy. She started blushing. "Aw!!" Dani said holding her chest. "Young love." she said again. Once we got upstairs we seen a doctor waiting for us. "Ms Garcia?" He said pointing to her. "Thats me." Erin said walking towards the doctor and walking in the room. I went in and sat on a table. "So here is a robe. Please strip all your clothes besides you undergarments." The doctor said pointing to robes and writing some stuff down. I stayed on the table and Erin striped all her clothes. you could easily see her tiny baby bump. "How I love this bump.." I said holding it. She blushed and lay on the bed. The doctor asked her a whole bunch of questions about the pregnancy blah blah blah. Then we got to the real stuff. "We are going to check on the munchkin now." the doctor said rubbing some gel stuff on her tummy. He moved this stick thing around. "Well would you like to see the baby?" he said pointing at the screen. He both looked. I started forming tears. "Thats my child." I said pointing at it. "Thats our child." I said holding Erin. "I know. Im so proud." She whispered. The doctor started printing out ultrasounds and he said the words. "Would you like to know the sex?" "YES!" We both screamed at the same time. "Your baby is....a girl!!!!" The doctor said handing us the pictures. "HAHAHA! I TOLD YOU I TOLD YOU!!!" Erin said in my face. I was still happy. Very. "I guess I should have listened. Ill go tell the others." I said walking out. "Well what happened?" Liam said holding Dani's hand. "She's fine. Her pregnancy is great. The baby is too. And we are having a baby girl!!!!!!" I said hugging them. This was the most happiest moment in my life. Finding out about my child. Soon after the hug, Erin came out. "Lets go. Im hungry." She said walking out with Dani. Typical Erin.

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