One Direction One Shots

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2. Niall One Shot 4 Carina

You are Niall's best friend.

For a long time Niall has thought of you more than a friend.

He is just to nervous to tell you.

You have a lot of insecurities and Niall never understood why.

He thinks you are beautiful, smart, funny, and kind.

He tells you these things all time.

You never really noticed how flirty he is because you have known him for so long.

He trys to break down your walls and makes you see what he sees.

One day you were at the park with Niall playing football(soccer in Ameria) and he runs up to you and tackles you to the ground.

"Hey I thought that wasn't allowed" You said laughing.

He laughed and kissed your cheek which caused you to blush.

"Yeah well I make up my own rules" He said helping you up.

You smiled up at him and pushed him playfully.

"Carina...can I talk to you" He asked taking your hand and leading you to a bench.

"Well actually sing to you" he said smiling.

You smiled and nodded.

Niall went to the car and grabbed his guitar and ran back to you.

He stood infront of you and started playing the music to "Let Me Love You" By Ne-Yo.

"Niall what are you doing" You asked with a low laugh.

He smiled and held up his finger to his lips telling you to be quiet.

He started singing to you.

When he go to the chorus he sat next to you and looked into your eyes.

"Girl let me love you and I will love you until you learn to love yourself girl let me love you and all your troubles don't be afraid girl let me help girl let me love you and I will love you until you learn to love yourself girl let me love you a heart in numbness is brought to life ill take you there"

You smiled at him and blushed.

He leaned in and kissed you sweetly.

"Carina I love you...please let me show you I love you" he asked blushing like crazy.

You smiled and nodded not really knowing what to say.

He hugged you tightly smiling.

You were near his ear and you whispered "I love you too Niall"





Hope you like it Darling Love lmao Xx

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