One Direction One Shots

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3. Liam One Shot 4 Elizabeth

Liam walked in to his Biology class to find a girl sitting at his table looking a bit confused.

Liam walked up to her.

"Hello Love....are you new" he asked setting his books down smiling.

She looked up and smiled once she looked in his eyes.

"Um yeah...sorry is some one sitting here already...i'll move" She said standing up.

Liam smiled and made her sit back down.

"No...its alright...I needed a lab partner anyway" He smiled and sat down next to her.

"So what's you're name love" He asked looking in her eyes.

She blushed and smiled.

"My name is Elizabeth..and yours" She asked breaking the gaze.

"My name is Liam...Liam Payne" He smiled at her.

She smiled and she took her notebook or out.

Liam was casually looking at her notebook.

She opened it and on the first page it had a bunch of peoples numbers that she met her first day of school.

Liam smiled.

"Mind if I put my name in" He asked grabbing a pen from his backpack.

She smiled and shook her head handing him the notebook.

Liam wrote his name in then his number and put a smiley face after it.

She looked at it and let out a little giggle.

The teacher walked in and taught.

After class Elizabeth grabbed her bag and walked out of the class.

Liam stopped her by leaning in the door way.

"So make sure you text me today ok" He said.

He left her with a wink and her blushing and smiling like crazy.

Elizabeth texted him as soon as she got home.

E- Hi Liam...Its Elizabeth from Biology

L- :) Oh hey was your first day Xx

E- It was was your day today

L- It was horrible...Until I met you ;)

Elizabeth read the text and blushed like crazy.

E- Well I'm happy I made your day better :)

L- :) Did you make lots of friends today

E- Yeah but your the only one I actually didn't mind talking to

L- :) Oh Yeah...Well im glad you like me :)

E- Lol...listen I will text you after I do my homework...I have a LOT of catching up to was nice talking to you though

L- Ok to you soon....oh and your very pretty by the way...I actually for once cant wait for school ;)

Elizabeth blushed and put her phone down and started her homework.


*2 Months Later*

Elizabeth smiled as she sat next her boyfriend Liam in the class that it all started.

Liam was intently staring at the bored taking notes.

Elizabeth was smiling and thinking about how sexy he looked when he concentrated.

Liam felt her eyes and he looked up at her and smiles.

"You like what you see babe" He asked with a little laugh.

She smiled and hit him playfully in the arm.

Liam just laughed and put an arm around her.

"So I was thinking since its Friday night we should go on a date and get some dinner or something" Liam asked looking deeply into her eyes.

She smiled.

"I think that would be an excellent idea" She leaned her head on his shoulder while the teacher kept on droning on about biology stuff.

Liam smiled and kissed the top of her head.


*After school*

Liam dropped you off at home after school.

He texted you saying what time he was picking you up.

You started to get ready realizing you were nearing the time.

You finished and you looked at yourself in the mirror and smiled at how good you looked.

You heard your phone go off and you rushed over to it and grabbed it reading the text.

L- Hey Beautiful I'm almost there...Cant wait to see you babe :)

You smiled and replied to him.

E- Ok baby...I can't wait to see you either

You put your phone in your purse and waited in the living room for him.

You heard a knock on your door not even 5 miutes later and you smiled and opened it to see your handsome boyfriend standing there smiling at you.

"Wow Beautiful Is an understatement" He said smiling and holding out his arm  for you.

You blushed and linked your arm with his.

"You don't look to bad yourself" You said smiling.

He looked at you and chuckled.

"Well thanks babe"

He walked you too the car opening the passenger door for you.

You smiled and sat in the car.

He walked around to his side and got in.


*At the restaurant*

You guys have already ordered and have already eaten.

Liam ordered some wine for you guys and you sat there talking about life and just enjoying each others company.

That is until Liam's ex girlfriend Danielle walked over and placed a hand on Liams shoulder.

"Hello Liam...Long time no see" She said smiling down at him.

"Oh Hey Danielle" Liam said smiling at her.

You tried to hide the fact that you were a little jealous.

She moved a chair over and sat very close to Liam and leaned her head on his shoulder and smiled.

"I haven't seen you in forever...How have you been" She asked him clearly seeing you.

"I have been good..How about you" He asked totally ignoring the fact of what she was doing.

She smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

"Im doing a lot better now that I have seen you" She said just to piss you off.

"Oh yeah...Im glad I made your day better" He said smiling at her and biting his lip a little.

Ok so now your extremely pissed.

You stand up and grab your purse and walk out.

You hear Liam call your name chasing after you.

He finally stops you just as your are about to walk out.

"Babe where are you going" He asks looking in your eyes.

"Oh im just giving you and your date some privacy is all" You say coldly.

You get out of his grip and walk out.

You walk down the street far from the restaurant and call a cab.

As soon as it comes you hope inside and go home.

Once you got home you stomped up the staires and to your room slamming the door.

You look at your phone and see texts from Liam.

L- Babe where are you

L- Baby im so sorry

L- Babe please tell me where you are im starting to get nervous

L- Ok im coming to your are probably there.....Im really sorry babe...I didn't mean to ruin our date

L- Ok babe please open the door.

You read the last message and sighed.

You walked downstairs and opened the door for him.

You saw that his eyes were a little puffy from crying.

He bursts in and hugs you tight.

"Oh my god baby Im so sorry please forgive me" He said.

You pushed him away.

"Why the hell would you do that...right infront of me too" You say a little hurt.

"I didn't mean to babe....I was just being nice....I Love you and only you...I don't want her...I never did...please babe" he says carefully pushing you up against the wall.

Your back touches the wall and you see Liam close the door with his foot.

He gets close to you face and whispers in your ear.

"Please baby" He kisses under ear softly and sweetly.

You run your fingers through his hair and smile.

Let just say you forgave him very quickly and you were in a lot of Payne the next morning ;)


Hope You liked it Lovely :)



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