One Direction One Shots

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4. Harry One Shot 4 Julie

I was walking down the hall when I heard a group of boys laughing and high fiving.

I look behind me and I see the 5 most popular boys in school.

Oh great they are probably making fun of me.

I ignored it and walked to my locker.

I stopped in front of it opening it and getting my books.

I heard one of the boys whistle towards my direction.

I turn around and I see the curly haired boy who's name I just couldn't remember smiling at me.

I roll my eyes and turn back toward my locker.

"Aw come on baby...don't act like that" I heard one of the boys say in an Irish accent.

I ignored them and finished getting my stuff.

I walked away and started walking to the doors to leave school.

Right when I passed them I felt someone touch my bum.

I whipped around to see the curly haired boy smiling cheeky at me.

"Sorry couldn't help myself" he said biting his bottom lip.

I just looked at him and shook my head and walked out of the school towards my car.

I knew they were following me cause I kept the curly haired boy whistling and telling me to turn around.

I got to my car and saw a big hand slam my door shut.

It made me jump and turned around and he was standing there.

"Hey love....come to my friends party...its gonna be fun" He said handing me a piece of paper.

I looked at it and took it putting it in my back pocket.

"You don't talk do you?" He asked with a small chuckle.

"I do...I just don't talk to you people" I said opening my door.

He chuckled.

"Ouch...that was harsh" He said again biting his bottom lip.

I got in my car and he stuck his head in my window.

"My name is Harry by the way" He said smiling.

I looked at him and nodded then rolled up my window and drove away.

I got home and contemplated whether or not I should go to this dumb ass party.

Ok I guess these partys are amazing and not dumb at all but I didn't wanna be there near him at all.

I decided to suck it uo and go.

I started getting ready.

I walked out of my house and to my car.

I looked at the address and drove there.

I got there and parked in front of the house and walked to the big gate.

Jesus Christ this place is huge.

They let me in and I walked in the door not knowing anybody.

I looked in the kitchen and there was beer...everywhere.

I thought what the hell so I walked over to the keg and got a red cup and filled it up.

I took my cup and walked to where the music is.

As soon as I got there Harry saw me and smiled.

He excused himself from some of his friends and walked over.

"Hey...You came" He said smiling.

"Yeah...I wasn't gonna miss a party" I said back.

He looked me  up and down and smiled.

"You look very nice.....why don't you dress like that too school" He asked smiling.

I smiled up at him.

"Well because its inappropriate and I shouldn't wear it to school" I said back.

"Oh come on...Its ok to be a little inappropriate right" He smiled as he got closer to me.

I backed up and bumped into the wall.

He smiles and puts his hands on my waist.

'wanna go somewhere a little bit more private" He asked biting his lip.

I looked up at him and laughed and walked away.

"Why are you laughing im serious" He said smiling grabbing my hand.

"I'm not that easy babe sorry" I said still laughing and walked away.

A little while into the party I started getting drunk and I was dancing with some guy I didn't know.

He had his hands on my waist and we were grinding.

Harry smiled at me and winked then he walked away.

Now like I said I was drunk so I smiled and followed him.

I followed him into a hallway then I followed him into a big room with a huge bed.

He shut the door and slammed me up against the wall.

"So your not easy right" He smiled getting closer to my face.

"No Im not easy at all" I said looking into his eyes.

Harry smiled and kissed me hard.

I kissed back and the next thing I know my shirt was on the floor and so was his.

We were making out now and he lead me to the bed without pulling away.

He turned me around and layed me on the bed.

He got on top of me and started kissing me neck.

I was smiling and moaning a little.

Harry liked that and he started kissing in between my breasts.

I ran my fingers thru his hair.

He smiled and un hooked my bra.

He tore off all my clothes as I did to his.

He pulled out a condom and put it on.

Without hesitation he slammed into me.

I screamed his name and he smiled.

I kept moaning his name and telling him to go faster or harder with every thrust.

When we reached our high he layed down next to me and smiled.

"Wow that was amazing" He said smiling.

I didn't say anything I just smiled.

Harry fell asleep first.

I got up and got dressed.

I left my number for him and I left.

I got home and layed on my bed.

The next day I woke up with a massive hangover and a text from Harry.

H- we should do that again ;) Maybe after a real date this time.

I smiled an said yes of course.

 I put my phone down and layed there smiling.




Hoped you liked it love :)

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