One Direction One Shots

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6. Harry and Louis one shot 4 Kanika

I woke up in a strange house and a strange bed.

I looked under the covers and thank god I was clothed.

All I remember is being at the bar with Louis and Harry.

I remember them getting into a bit of a fight.

*Last Night*

"Kanika hurry up we are all ready" Harry yelled upstairs as I was just finishing my make up.

"Yeah Yeah one minute" I yelled back down.

I walked out of my bathroom and into my bedroom.

I walked to my bed where my purse was.

I grabbed it and walked downstairs.

Both Louis and Harry looked up and smiled at me.

Louis walked over and linked his arm with mine.

"Well doesnt someone look as beautiful as always" He said smiling.

I blushed and that caused Harry to get a bit upset.

So here is the thing.

Louis and Harry both like me.

So they get jealous a lot.

I was so used to it by now.

We walked out to the car and Harry got in the driver seat and he insisted on me sitting in the front next to him.

Louis didnt seem to happy about that.

To be honest I wouldnt date either of them cause it would just ruin their friendship and i wouldnt want to be the reason why Harry and Louis werent friends anymore.

 We got to the bar and it was a lot of fun until Louis thought it would be smart to get me drunk and start dancing all dirty and close to me.

Harry by that point was enraged.

He walked up to Louis and pushed him away from me.

I just stood back and watched.

Louis looked at Harry and pushed him back.

Next thing I knew we were being kicked out of the bar.

After that me and Louis dropped Harry off at his flat.

We went back to Louis flat and he told me to just stay the night so he could keep an eye on me.

When we got in his house he stopped me and kissed me sweetly.

I kissed back and pulled away.

"Kanika please be my girlfriend" He said pulling me close to him.

I smiled and nodded and he kissed me again.

*Back to the morning*

Ahh so thats where I was.

I smiled again as my boyfriend Louis walked in the room with some tea.

"Good morning Gorgeous" He said kissing me softly.


Hey guys so I am really sorry about these being late. Im really gonna try to do one everyday. I hope you guys dont hate me :( Ill do another one shot tmrw I promise 


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