A Chance At Romance

Bailee is the normal 17 year old girl she plays soccer and goes to gymnastics and at school she goes to book club, she loves reading and sports and chocolate but her favorite holiday is valentines day which is coming up in 3 days shes so excited but also disipointed because she still doesn't have a date to the sweet heart valentines day dance at her school all of her friends have dates and brag about how charming and sweet they are but Bailee is done listening to her friends she decides not to go to the dance until one morning when she goes out to get the mail and as she openend the newspaper a little envelope fell out which had a letter in side speaking of a secret admirer who wanted to go to the dance with her but what she didn't know was that her secret admirer was actually one of One Direction's band mates.


1. Bailee

As I heard my alarm clock go off I crawled out of bed I got dressed in my Yellow Areo Postale T-shirt and blue skinny jeans  I ate buttered toast and bacon for breakfest and then I brushed my teeth with my Orange eletric tooth brush and my colgate 3D whitening tooth paste. Then I brushed my hair with my green hair brush and pinned my bangs back with my blue butterfly clip I then buttoneed up my blue double breasted coat and grabed my bag Then headed outside to walk to school only 3 days until valentines day.


When I got to school Brett Aimes the grade 12 quaterback football player and Alexis Tompson the head cheerleader for cotton high's Yellow Lynx basketball team were making out by my locker passing their ABC gum though each others mouth "um exuse me but could you go over there this is my locker and i'm late for class" I say poliety "aww whats wrong little girl your jealous still don't have a date to the dance" Alexis said rudely "yeah Alexis i'm jealous that your swapping spit" Alexis then looked  me with a dirty look and then walked away holding Brett's hand. When I openend up my locker all my books fell out "damn it i'm late for class, already" I then picked up all my books and binders and shoved them back in my locker and locked it.


When I got into the classroom everyone was staring at me "sorry i'm late Mr. Corbin I couldn't get my locker open" I say "thats quite alright ms. Lawrence turn to page 52 in your book and you will start the reading" Mr. Corbin said nicley "ok page 52 chapter 12 In love you must be patient you have to learn to forgive but never forget in love you have to listen you have to care and hear the things that your partner say even if they make no sense to you in love you must be respectful you have to respect the one you love even if they have betrayed you in love you must love you must listen and care and respect and be patient you have to learn to love to be in love" I say as I finish te paragraph "good job Bailee we will pick up on paragraph 2 next class and mr. Stemph you will be starting" Mr. Corbin said as the bell rung for break.


When I got to the cafeteria all my friends were scattered around the room sitting with there dates for the dance I still didn't have a date and I was so jealous of my friends I decided to go try sit with my crush Derrick Wenvel "hi Derrick" I say trying not to blush "hey gorgeous have a seat" he says "thanks" I say as I sit down "wait your not Emma" he says "no i'm Bailee we take english and math together I sit across from you and you always throw spit balls at me" I say "oh yeah your the girl that peed herself in second grade" he says with a grin "yeah thats me" I say "yeah your miss piss pants" he says laughing my face light up bright red as tears started streaming down my face I ran into the girls washroom where I seen Alexis fixing her hair "whats the matter with you boy won't go out with you I don't blame him I mean look at you your hidius no effense" she says as shes applying her mascara  "Alexis please no nasty comments i've been though enough enbarrasment already today okay" I say as I wipe my tears "sorry she says" you know I could give you a makeover if you want to look as hot as me" she adds in "really I would love that please i'm in desperate need of your help" I say nicley "okay well first I want you to join the cheerleading squad we could use you your good right i'm mean haven't you been doing gymnastics since you were six" she says with a smile "well yeah but I don't know any cheers" I say "oh well thats okay i'm head cheerleader why don't you come over tonight and i'lll give you the makeover and teach you some cheers "sounds great see you tonight" I say as I leave the bathroom.


When I got to Alexis's house her mother answered the door "hi i'm Cherie" Alexis's mom said "you must be Bailee, Alexis talks about you all the time you'd think she was jealous or something" she adds in "oh is Alexis here" I say "yes i'll go get here come on in" she says I stood in the front foyer for about five minutes until Alexis came down "hey Bailee welcome to my home" Alexis says "thanks um so when do we start" I say "well come on upstairs to my room" she says as we walked up the stairs I noticed multiply scars on Alexis's legs and there were at least five dents in the wall "wheres you dad" I ask curiously "um hes working really late tonight so don't worry about it" she assures me "okay so first lets start with the makeover" she adds in "great" I say with a smile on my face I felt her put gooey stuff on my face "um whats this" I ask "oh don't worry its just wax" she says "wax" I say "yes wax for your eyebrows and legs don't you want to  look beautiful" she asks "yes absolutly never mind" I say then I felt her attach the papers and ripe them off "ow" I yell "shh shhh shh please stop you'll wake up my dad" she says "I thought your dad was at work" I asked "I meant uncle my uncle is asleep" she say rudley "okay okay sorry" I say" then I seen her take the wooden popsticle stick with the goey stuff on it and try to put it on  my legs and I jumped "i'm sorry Alexis but I can't do this" I say as I leave the room and go outside.


When I got home I grabed the mail from the mail box and openend it up I wanted to read the newspaper to look at  the cars section because I was buying a car in a year so I could go to college. As I turned to the car section I passed the breaking news and I seen a little white envelope I opened it up right away it say To: the prettiest girl From: A secret admirer "I have been watching you from a far you are so much more beautiful then they see you as your smart and funny and really cute to I hope that you like me too I wish that you'll be mine this valentines and meet me on the dance floor from six to nine' I was shocked who could it be I mean there were so many cute guys in the school and one of them wanted to be with me I couldn't wait until the dance I was so excited.


The next morning when I woke up I was phyced only 1 day left until valentines day I curled my hair and did my makeup I brushed my teeth and got dressed in my grey jeans and ruffly pink shirt today was going to be a new day I was more confident with myself and really happy I couldn't wait till valentines day I continued to get ready for school by taking my gyms clothes out of the wash and putting them in my bag and getting my laptop when I as finally finished I put on my coat on and left.


When I got to school everything seemed pretty normal until people started laughing at me I openend my locker to see if I had something on my face and all my binders and papers fell out "not again" I say as I start grabbing my books then I seen another hand grab one of my books I stood up as he handed me my book on french "hi" I say "hello i'm Niall um i'm sort of new here and I was wondering if maybe you could show me around" he said in his irish accent "sure where ya headed Niall" I say nicley "um I think i'm in 320 mathimatics with Mr. Hesseler" he said "thats perfect thats right on my way come on this way" I say so where are you from" I add in "um ireland actually" he says with a grin "really that is so cool wait so are you like the actual Niall Horan like from One Direction" I say with a smile "yes but don't scream please my name here is Charlie Cozmo" he says as he smiles back "okay Charlie this is you have a nice time" I say as I show him to room 320 "um alright i'll see you in the cafeteria thanks again" he says as he walks into class "bye" I say as I walk down to my class down the hall


"bonjour ma classe je suis monsieur Mondraies je serai ton professeur de francais pour le annee est-ce que tu comprends" the french teacher asked "oui monsieur Mondraies bienvenue dans ma classe" I replie.


At the end of class as I walked to the cafeteria I seen Niall with a bunch of the popular kids including Alexis amd Derrick "hey Bailee wait up" Niall said as he caught up to me" "hi Niall" I say with a grin "how was your  day at this school so far" I add in "it would have been better if you were in my class" he said with a smile "aww thanks" I say as I give him a hug "so who are you going to the dance with" he asks "um well i'm not officially going with anyone" I say "well do think I should ask Alexis out to the dance" he asked "um yeah shes nice" I say "great listen i'm going to go catch up with her, talk to you later" he said as he ran up the hall "bye Niall" I whisper to myself.


When I got home I didn't want to go to the dance I realized that Niall was the most amazing guy I ever met and I wanted to be with him more than I wanted to be with Derrick or this secret admirer I decided to go to bed and when I woke up I would figure out if  was going to the dance or not.


When I woke up I didn't get out of bed I didn't want to go to school people started sending me messages saying that I was ugly and fat and gay and I couldn't take it anymore I wasn't going to school or the dance until I remembered the note from my secret admirer at least someone liked me I couldn't let us both down at least someone would have a good time I decided I would go to school dressed as beautifully as I could I did my hair and my makeup curled with my favorite butterfly clip and smokey eyed with red lipstick I left to school wearing my Blue flowery dress with a black belt on the waist and my coat with my brown knee high boots.


When I got to school all the boys were whistling at me "wow who turned up the heat" Derrick said I just ignored them and then I seen Niall in the corner "hey Niall what's up" I say "i'm moving thats what" Niall says with a frown "what no why" I say as tears start to stream down my face "Bailee please don't cry its aready hard enough for me i'm staying for the dance an then i'm transfering" he says "well then lets make it a dance we can both remember" I say as I put lay my hand out Niall grabs my hand and then we walked down the hall to classes.


At the dance everyone was smiling and dancing except for me and Niall it was 5:59 I was suppose to meet my secret admirer on the dance floor a six so I decided to get out there then I felt someone put a blind fold on my forehead "are you ready to meet your secret admirer" he said "yes" I said with a smile then he started gabing my hands "stop" I yelled "let go take this damn blind fold of me help" I shouted then he ran me outside into the school parking lot  "Niall help me" I screamed then I felt him take me in his car "stop please where are you taking me" I yelled "oh madame a paris" I heard "Monsier Mondraies what the hell leave me alone" I screamed "oh you see j'aime toi tres plus" he said "thats great but you just kinapped me and your going to be arrested" I said "I have one night to be with the guy I love then he's moving just lt me go please" I begged "non je veux tu" he said "eww your an old man leave me alone Niall" I queitly pulled out my phone and started texting Niall "Niall please help me the creepy french teacher kidnapped me and idk where i am" I wrote. When we finally got to his place the police were all standing there with Niall and they toke me out and arrested Monsieur Mondraies.


When me and Niall got back to the school everyone was gone but the music was still playing Niall kissed my forehead and then said "I love you" we started to dance and at the end of it all he kissed me, and I told him that I loved him back and that was the last time I ever seen him.

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