I'm Alone. Or am I?

When Anastasia is abandoned by her father when he leaves on a "Vacation," Anastasia stars to fall for the curly, dark-haired boy in her class, Harry. But when Anastasia starts to blame herself for her dads absence in her life, does Harry help her or break her heart when its already breaking.

Alternate Universe where the boys aren't famous.


17. Wasting A Perfectly Good Day

I must of fell asleep. A rush of memories flowed past my eyes. 

I'm dating Harry now, and I was happy.

But when I woke up Sunday morning, it wasn't Hazza I was sleeping with, it was Harry himself. 

We must of fell asleep like this, because we were both still fully clothed. 

Well Harry wasn't wearing a shirt. 

I vaguely remembered a conversation we had. 

"Is it okay if I take off my shirt? It'a kinda hot up here,"

"Sure Harry,"

I smiled and stared down at Harry's stomach, where he had abs. 

I started tracing the pattern of them on his stomach, not realizing he was starting to wake.

"Morning beautiful," Harry's groggy voice reached my ears and I looked up at him dropping my hand to lay on his stomach.

"Morning Harry." 

"That's all I get?" He said cheekily.

"Morning handsome," I said as I sat up resting me arms on either side of his head, my long blonde hair falling to one side.

"I like that better," he reached up and kissed me quickly. 

I smiled and leaned down letting my lips rest upon his.

"I like this better too," he said against my lips. 

I smirked and rolled over next to him.

"I can tell you exercise." 

"I know." 

I got up and stood next to the bed. 

He got up and gently tackled me to the ground.

"Harry what are you doing?!" I exclaimed.

He had his hands beside my head, like I had been on the bed, and had his feet on either side of mine.

"Exercising," he came down and planted a quick kiss on my lips before going back up again.

"What exactly are you doing?" I asked.


"And what am I doing?" 


I laughed as he planted another kiss on my lips. 

I managed to get out from underneath him after a while.

"Hey!" He exclaimed when I ran out and down the stairs.

Laughing, I ran into the living room.

He was right behind me. 

Eventually, he caught me by tackling me onto the couch and pinning me there.

"Got you," he said proudly.

I kissed him quickly.

He held me there staring into my eyes till my phone beeped and he had to let me go.

I grabbed it off the coffee table and stood in front of the couch where Harry was sitting.

I opened the text and before I could read it, Harry's hands wrapped around the exposed skin of my stomach, due to my shirt, and pulled me onto his lap. 

I blushed and looked at the text.

Hey! Where r u? I thought we were goin 2 the mall? 

It was Lexi.

Srry! I woke up late! 

To late, the gud stores r closed now...

I looked at the time it was three.

I put my phone down and turned around on Harry's lap so that I was facing him. 

"Hello," he said to me.

"Hi," I replied.

He kissed me again. 

"I think I should get dressed," I told him.

"I think you shouldn't get dressed," he said tightening his grip around my waist pulling me closer.

"Well, if I don't get dressed, then what are we gonna do today?" 


"You chasing me around my house then taking advantage of me wearing this shirt?" I asked.

"No and yes," I rolled my eyes. "Cuddling too." 

"Oh really?" 


"And where are we going to do that?" 

He stood up, carrying me, my legs around his waist. 

He walked up the stairs and into my bedroom, setting me down on the bed and crawling over me.

I rolled my eyes and kissed him sitting up and crossing my legs as I did. 

I broke away and leaned against the wall.

He sat next to me and I put my head on his shoulder. 

We re-adjusted and were lying like we were when I woke up in the morning.

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