I'm Alone. Or am I?

When Anastasia is abandoned by her father when he leaves on a "Vacation," Anastasia stars to fall for the curly, dark-haired boy in her class, Harry. But when Anastasia starts to blame herself for her dads absence in her life, does Harry help her or break her heart when its already breaking.

Alternate Universe where the boys aren't famous.


21. Voices In My Head

I just fell to the ground, standing on my toes, knees pulled close to my chest and l curled my arms around my head and leaned them on my knees, sobbing. 

"That's your dad?" Harry asked and I managed a small nod.

I couldn't process anything except all the dark thoughts that invaded my mind then.

This is your fault, a small voice would say in the back of my mind, you didn't make him stay, you ran away like the coward you are.

The saddest part was I agreed with that evil little voice. 

The evil voice had me to occupied to know that Harry had picked me up and was carrying me bridal style up to me bedroom. I felt Hazza's warmth next to me then - which was nothing compared to the real thing - and a kiss on my forehead and a light brush of a hand on my cheek then the faint sound of the door of my bedroom closing and light footsteps going across the hall and down the stairs. 

That's when the tears hit. Hard. 

I sobbed and sobbed till there were no tears left for me to let out. 

My dad was missing and it was my fault. 

I told you that from the beginning. The evil voice was back.

Don't listen to him, it wasn't your fault, you weren't thereSaid another voice, nicer.

But if I hadn't let him leave... I argued with the voices.

Exactly it was your fault.

It was most certainly not, he is just grumpy that I always win..

You do not! 

I do so!

And that was when I passed out again.

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