I'm Alone. Or am I?

When Anastasia is abandoned by her father when he leaves on a "Vacation," Anastasia stars to fall for the curly, dark-haired boy in her class, Harry. But when Anastasia starts to blame herself for her dads absence in her life, does Harry help her or break her heart when its already breaking.

Alternate Universe where the boys aren't famous.


20. Torn in Two

 I walked downstairs where Harry was lounging on the couch in the living room with the television on. 

I put my arms around his neck from behind him leaning down to rest my arms on the back of the couch.

"Hi there," he said turning around to face me, a smile spreading across his face.

"Hey," I replied, smiling back at him.

I climbed over the back of the couch, like I always do, and sat on his lap sideways. 

He kissed my cheek, and I put my arms around his neck, leaning back against the arm of the couch so I slid off his lap and my legs were over his lap. 

He leaned down over me and kissed me, his hands holding my waist.

"Harry!" I exclaimed and took my hands from around his neck and pushed him back.

"What? I just want to kiss my girlfriend, is there something wrong with that?" He asked.

"No," and he leaned in to kiss me again and I put my hands on his chest so he couldn't get close enough to kiss me. "You can, just not like that."

"Like what?" He asked cheekily.

"Like you want to go farther. We are only 16! I've seen movies, kissing like that leads to ... Yeah, I don't want to be on MTV on 16 and pregnant!" I exclaimed horrified at the thought. 

"Fine," and he leaned back and I kissed his cheek in apology. 

The door bell rang and we both got up to answer it. 

We were pushing each other around playfully as we walked to the front door.

I stood up on my toes and kissed him quickly before pulling away and turning to the door.

I giggled as Harry planted one kiss on my neck and I pushed him away, opening the door and the pizza-boy looked us over.

I realized than that I was wearing only a red tank-top and short batman pajama shorts and nothing else, except slippers and Harry was just wearing a pair of grey sweatpants and white socks and he had just been kissing my neck. 

I could tell by the look on his face that he thought something that wasn't true and that I didn't nessecarily want him to be thinking about Harry and I. 

I blushed biting my lip as Harry gave him the correct amount of money for the pizza and shut the door as he stood there shocked. When the door was closed I exclaimed, "Harry!" as we walked back to the living room, me shoving him again and running ahead of him.

I pushed him away playfully as we sat back down. 

"He's gonna think we were having ... Yeah," I told him.

He rolled his eyes and I looked back to the t.v where the local news station was on. 

We ate our pizza and watched the news. 

They were now reporting that a local father and husband had gone missing. 

"Where is your dad?" Harry asked.

"Well," I looked back at the t.v as they showed a picture of the man that had gone missing and saw something the horrified me.

I recognized the father and daughter on they were screen. 

They were leaving a high-end, expensive restaurant downtown.

My breath caught in my throat.

It was me, and my father.

I gulped in a breath.

"My dad is right there," I raised a shaky finger to the t.v as a tear rolled down my cheek.

So this is what my mind was preparing my for.

It can try, but nothing would prepare me for my father going missing. Nothing.

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