I'm Alone. Or am I?

When Anastasia is abandoned by her father when he leaves on a "Vacation," Anastasia stars to fall for the curly, dark-haired boy in her class, Harry. But when Anastasia starts to blame herself for her dads absence in her life, does Harry help her or break her heart when its already breaking.

Alternate Universe where the boys aren't famous.


13. If They Hadn't Been Wrong

I didn't go to school and as much as I wanted to avoid Harry I couldn't.

He stopped by with Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam or Lexi. Whoever was coming that day.

He kept coming by to see if I had changed my mind, but I hadn't. How could I of though?

Every time Lexi came by she would say something about going Ice Skating on Saturday. 

I always loved Ice Skating. 

Lexi and the boys and I used to go all the time, then well, my mom got worse, and it was harder for me to be as free. 

I stopped purging, just so I would have enough energy and strength to Skate. 

Skating, and dance, had always been my passions.

I took Figure skating lessons till I was 15, last year, and dance lessons till I was 14. 

They kinda went Hand-In-Hand. I mean, if you could dance it was easier to incorporate those dance moves into your skating routines and balance on skates helped with dancing too. 

I was always an expert at both. Till Mom got worse. Then I kind off dropped everything. 

I didn't like quitting I mean, I loved them, but I loved Mom more and with the money we saved not having to pay for lessons, we could pay for better Chemo for Mom. 

It didn't help, much. 

The doctors said she would live to see the day she beats cancer, but she died two months later. 

I haven't necessarily trusted doctors since.

They told me my mom was gonna beat her Cancer and she didn't.

They lied to me.

And don't say, it was just a mistake, because they shouldn't make mistakes, they have degrees for a reason. 

Because they can do this stuff right. 

But they were wrong.

They did it wrong.

I miss mom everyday. 

She said one thing, one thing that hasn't left my head since the day she died. 

She told me this, "If I don't make it, never give up hope, your dad will always be there for you,"

The sad part was how wrong she was. 

Dad left me alone.

But I didn't blame Mom, I blamed myself, and the doctors who told me she would make it.

I blamed Dad too.

For not listening to Mom.

If those damn doctors hadn't made a fucking mistake, maybe I would be happy. 

Maybe I would let myself love Harry.

If only they hadn't been wrong.

If they hadn't been wrong I might have Mom. And Dad. 

And Harry. 

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