The Girl Named, Mute

Ok so this is my entry for the "speechless" competition, enjoy, Heart comment and all that good stuff, i really dont like Hater comments, but i would like constructive critisim if you have the time <3 thanks for reading!!


1. The cold cold life of a girl named Mute

       The words; useless, mute, emo, ugly, and worthless circled my inner thoughts, ultimately penetrating, and poisoning the already low self esteem i had left. It was all what they were thinking, the eyes filled with hatred, and pity. I walked briskly through the halls, the people that cared to notice, laughed or pointed, threw things at me, or sent death threats as sharp as daggers, freshly sharpened to a point. This school, was the last one in the state that i had not already been to, and even here i am hated, and frowned upon, will i never get acceptance? The numbers, weren't in my favor when it came to that question. My name, even i barely remembered it, no one wanted to know, and i cant blame them, who would want to know the name of such a disgusting creature? I went to my class, always close to the door, always in the back. the teachers never ask me questions anymore, because i wont answer them, I refuse to lose the one thing i have even remotely important to me, and the walls that i have built up in my mind, my mute attribute. 

         After school, I walked to the empty park that no one liked anymore. This was my home, or at least i treated it like that.  The old broken   swings and cracked slide were my only friends, and they were great listeners. I never really talked to them, but i always pretended that they could hear my thoughts. Every month or so, I ask them if I'm crazy, But the same old squeal of the swing always relaxed me and reminded me of my slowly fading sanity. My name, was the only thing they could never tell me, but i suppose i could please everyone, by calling myself Mute, yes, I am know as Mute, the girl with no voice. I have a voice, but i haven't used it for so long, I barely even remember how to form words. Yes, this is my sad story, but don't pity me, I don't want pity or hatred, all it does is push me closer to the edge, and right now, i'm on the verge of slipping off this steep cliff, and crashing into more then just insanity, oh no, I mean staring into the eyes of death itself. 

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