The Girl Named, Mute

Ok so this is my entry for the "speechless" competition, enjoy, Heart comment and all that good stuff, i really dont like Hater comments, but i would like constructive critisim if you have the time <3 thanks for reading!!


3. "Sorry for my very existence," - A girl named Mute

     I came home after school, No parent to be found, good. This particular day had been so intense, i was in tears. This was the day, the day i would finally  avenge the promise i made to myself not so long ago. I ran to my small closet like room, and got the rope i had saved for myself a few years ago, and tied it firm around my neck, My head will not slip out of this. I got the little makeup I had and put it on, I want the last time i see myself, to be the best I've ever looked. I did my hair as well, I looked better then i have even when my mother was around. I dress in my mother's favorite black dress, I had kept it all these years, just for this event. I looked at myself one more time, and the only thing that scared me was my eyes, emotionless, and grey. I looked like a robot, but i suppose i couldn't expect anything else, remember, I am a disgusting creator. I got a sticky note and wrote down my final words, goodbyes and my apologies. I thanked my father for giving me the things that he had, even though i knew in the bottom of my cold, cold heart, he didn't deserve it, and at the very end of the note, I wrote my apology " I'm sorry for my very existence" was what i had written. I signed this note, with the words; A girl named Mute, I thought it was rather appropriate. Finally, I stood on a tall stool, and attached  the rope to the ceiling fan in the living room. " This is it mom, I'm finally going to see you again...I'm sorry for not making it as far as you probably wanted..." i thought to myself, and right before i kicked the stool away from my feet, I spoke for the first time, in over 3 years, " goodbye world...I'm sorry that i ever existed, I'll just go now," and just like that, the stool was removed from my feet, and I finally kept my promise. I had not let them drive me insane, now, i can finally have no hatred, and just sleep for the rest of eternity.

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