The Girl Named, Mute

Ok so this is my entry for the "speechless" competition, enjoy, Heart comment and all that good stuff, i really dont like Hater comments, but i would like constructive critisim if you have the time <3 thanks for reading!!


2. Hear no Hatred, See no Hatred, Feel no Hatred

     I woke again, my suicidal plan had failed yet again, but one day it will work, I promise this to myself, i won't let them torture me to the brink on insanity. " I promise you, my dear Mute," I thought to myself, I'm growing quite found of the name Mute, maybe i shall name my child that. I got out of my small, child-like bed, and threw on whatever clothes still fit me. My room had the stench of dried blood looming in the air from last night's suicide attempt. I slowly sneaked to the living room, I was not allowed to eat on oddly number days, another form of torture my father put into effect a year or two again. Luckily, my father was passed out in his room, from one of his neighbor-hood-famous hangovers.  I ran to the Kitchen grabbed a bagel and ran out the door, if he had seen me, or notices the missing food, i will get a worse beating then i have gotten in a long long time.  

   I ran out the door, and the sunlight embraced my body, like no human dared to do. My pale skin shined with an iridescent glow that hurt even my own eyes. I wasn't allowed outside in less it's a school day, I always get beaten when i come home, but it's always worth it. I ran to the old park, with the rosy pink sun rise on my right shoulder, guiding my way to my real home. As I sat on the only swing that wasn't broken, the wind blew, making my old friends greet me with their usual wine and creak. I always had the same conversation with the swings, and they always listened with such understanding, even though i know they are inanimate. This is my weekend.  

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