Am I Dreaming? (A Zayn Malik FanFiction)

Hi, I'm Macy Stevens and I think I'm the luckiest girl alive! I won a contest to spend valentines day with the most amazing boyband in the world, yeah. You guessed it..One Direction. So, here's my story on how it went!


1. Winning.

  I've never woken up earlier in my life. I had to find out if I had won the contest or not. Right now. As soon as I had woken up I ran downstairs and logged onto my laptop, and onto my e-mails. I was scrolling when suddenly I felt my heart stop beating. There was a e-mail from Movellas!

"OH MY GOD!" I screamed as I read the first part of the e-mail..


Dear Miss Stevens,


                                   Congratulations! You've won our contest and you get to meet One Direction! How exciting, right? Lucky you! One boy of your choice will be taking you out for a romantic meal for two. All you have to do is fill in the form below with the details you want.


Thanks and we hope you have the best time of your life!


Movellas Team


  I swear I couldn't breath properly and I swear it was a dream. I was actually meeting one of the boys of One Direction, wait..who do I pick? Why do they have to put me through this? Oh my god..umm, Niall? Lou? Harry? Liam? ...Zayn..his name stuck out to me, I mean I've been a Zayn girl since like, forever. So, yeah..I'm gonna pick Zayn. I clicked his perfect face and carried on filling out the rest of the form. My hand was shaking and I think I might faint at any minute. I also had to add a picture to it, which I did. I hope they don't think I'm ugly..

   After an hour had passed I was still calming myself down I heard a sound coming from my laptop notifying me that I had a new e-mail. I literally became a ninja, I ran from the kitchen to my living room in a matter of milliseconds, it was another e-mail? 

To: (A/N: Made up)



Hey! You're the contest winner right? Congrats! Oh, and thanks for picking me! The boys are jealous because you're really beautiful. I can't wait for our night out, anyway I was wondering if we could maybe skype? I would love to get to know you more before we meet in person in a couple of days. So yeah, add me? ZaynnMalik1DD.                                            

Talk Later, love Zayn xxx


Yeah, I think I'm dead. There's no way this is happening! I clicked on the skype icon and sent a request to Zayn, he almost instantly accepted and asked for a video chat. I took a deep breath, clicked accept and waited, suddenly the video chats popped up and I was looking at Zayn Malik, the actual Zayn Malik. He could see me too, ok yeah I get this is how Skype works but I swear it's magical.


"Hey Macy!" He smiled.





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