Once in a Lifetime Chance..Or Is It?

Katelyn has been a belieber since 2006. From His first video, to his last, she will e with him. Her birthday is July 12, and he is coming to the city she lives in the day AFTER her birthday, and her parents didnt buy her tickets. She is desperate to meet or be at one of Justin's concert.


7. SLEEP OVA FUN!!!!!!

Katelyn's P.O.V

Katelyn: Mom i'm going over Sarah's for tonight, see ya tomorrow

(Sarah is my BBFF)(BBFF means Belieber Best Friend Forever) i started to pack up all my stuff and lug my huge boot down the stairs to leave when my mom screams back

Rhonda: Ok but im not taking you tonight its too late

i finally got down the stairs and sat next to her in the kitchen and sighed, 

Katelyn: Sarah is the one who lives 3 doors down mom, i think i can manage

Rhonda: oh yeah im sorry honey i keep mixing up the two Sarah's

Katelyn: its ok mom, love you 

and i gave her a hug and a kiss goodbye. i walked down my from stairs very slowely making sure not to trip on one of the uneven cement stairs and started to walk down my drive way and start walking to her house.

I started to walk down the sidewalk when my boot catches a piece of a raised piece of cement, i fall and i cant get up...i imedeatly call Sarah since im barely a house away from her and i dont want to worry my mom

*ringing* *ringing*

Sarah: hey, when are you gonna be here?

at this point i couldnt take the pain anymore, tears started flooding from my eyes, and whailed into the phone


Sarah started to say something but i just hung up and tried to stand up, but i couldnt..i think i twisted my knee or something because it really hurt to put pressure on it...

Sarah came running out for me and helped me up, i put one arm around her shoulder and hopped on my good leg. We didnt say anything until we got into her house and got ice on my bruised knee

Sarah: are you going to be ok?

Katelyn: yea ill be fine, i just twisted it

Sarah: is there anything else you need

i chuckled because ive never really seen this parent side come out of her

Katelyn: i think ill live

Sarah: if you need anything, just ask 

it was about an hour or so until we decided to go upstairs and that i convinced her that my knee was going to fine.  i took off my boot and set it to the side because im not supposed to wear it past 10:00 pm so it wont get really stiff. Sarah hands me a quart of my favorite ice cream of all time 'Vanilla Carmel Brownie' . i know im a soccer player and i need to stay fit, but i can have a treat once in a while ;). we start talking about Justin Bieber.

Sarah: i cant believe hes coming to our city in less than 2 weeks

Katelyn: too bad we dont have tickets

Sarah: oh yeah what happened with that...why did your mom say no

Katelyn: well they were on sale in like 5 mins and my mom said no cuz we r tight on money and we cant afford them so im not going

Sarah: aw im sorry boo, you still have me though <3

Katelyn: i know and i love you for that haha



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