Once in a Lifetime Chance..Or Is It?

Katelyn has been a belieber since 2006. From His first video, to his last, she will e with him. Her birthday is July 12, and he is coming to the city she lives in the day AFTER her birthday, and her parents didnt buy her tickets. She is desperate to meet or be at one of Justin's concert.


8. SLEEP OVA FUN!!!!!! (PART 2)

it was about 3:30 am and we have been on Facebook, Twiter, and Instagram looking for new pics and details about Justin, my eyes finally start to get heavy and in a sleep type of voice i say to Sarah

Katelyn: i think im getting a lil-

before i could finish i looked down at Sarah and found her passed out...i need to teach her to stay up later than she does. 

i went into her closet and found an extra pillow and blanket for her to use, and when i got her all comfy on the ground i slid into her bed and fell asleep.




The next morning i wake up and its 12:00pm and the sun it at its highest at this moment so i look over to Sarah and shes gone...i smell bacon..

i lazily put my boot on and slowely walk down the stairs and find her in the kitchen with this brunch feast laid out for us...Toast with butter, sunny side up eggs, bacon, orange juice, belgum waffles..this was like heaven to me...i opened my eyes with surprise and dug in


Katelyn: Mom im home

Rhonda: okay hunny im gonna go out to the grocery store with your father for a few hours, do what you want but just dont get in trouble

Katelyn: i promise i wont get in trouble, im probably gonna go tan by the pool..isnt it like 95 degrees out?

Rhonda: yes it is, have fun love ya

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