Once in a Lifetime Chance..Or Is It?

Katelyn has been a belieber since 2006. From His first video, to his last, she will e with him. Her birthday is July 12, and he is coming to the city she lives in the day AFTER her birthday, and her parents didnt buy her tickets. She is desperate to meet or be at one of Justin's concert.


3. Doctor

Katelyn's P.O.V.

I've been playing since I was 3, I dont know how, or when, but my ankle has been hurting and I'm GUESSING something happened during a game. After about a week of soccer, conditioning, and gym at school, it starts to hurt. Really badly. 

My coach told me before my game to roll it out, and stretch it. Bad idea. It felt like 2 bones in my ankle were grinding their teeth. 

After 2 weeks of my ankle killing me my mom finally told me that she made me an appointment for the doctors. He examined my ankle and we went into the x-ray room where i layed down on a metal table and took some pictures of my ankle. We walked back together to the room where my mom is and the doctor said he would be right back with the x-rays.

**5 minutes later**

As my mother and I waited for him to come back, I say to her "I really am sorry for how i acted. I just really want to meet him mom, its my dream." 

"Honey I kn-"

The doctor walks in with my x-rays in his hand. The nerves start to kick in, and I don't know weather ill need a cast or just an ankle brace. If i get a cast, i wont be able to play soccer from 4-6 weeks. 

He puts the x-rays on the machine and I can tell its bad.

He says to me "Katelyn, you have a crack right above your ankle. The coices are to either put on a boot for 8 weeks and still be able to walk without crutches, or a cast and have it on for 6 weeks with crutches."

I look at my mom and I think about what she would want, i take a breath and say "I want the boot."

We start to walk out of the doctor's office and I say to my mom "Mom, my birthday is in a week. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?"

"We'll figure something out." 

Mother's P.O.V.

*10:30pm and I get into my bed while my husband is reading his book*

"I'LL E-MAIL HIM!!!!!" I exclaim

Jessie jumps from his book and looks at my with his face that says "what the hell are you talking about?" 

I explain, "I'll e-mail Justin the situation and maybe he can come over on Katelyn's birthday and hang out with her for the day! She will die!"

"I'm not sure, are you sure she won't want her friends?"

"Hun. I'm 100% sure. She told me today that its her dream to meet him."

"Okay, do it tomorrow."  

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