Once in a Lifetime Chance..Or Is It?

Katelyn has been a belieber since 2006. From His first video, to his last, she will e with him. Her birthday is July 12, and he is coming to the city she lives in the day AFTER her birthday, and her parents didnt buy her tickets. She is desperate to meet or be at one of Justin's concert.


10. Being Lazy

Katelyn's P.O.V

i think to myself...4 more days until im actually 17. i get on my new yellow polka dot bikini with little ruffles on the breasts and set down my towel next to my pool. after about 5 minutes of peicefully sitting with my eyes clowed on my towel i heard "BOMBS AWAY" and felt a bunch of water on me and sat and screamed 


i look up and see Sarah in the pool and start laughing

Katelyn: come over here and lay down...dry off too and tan 

Sarah: haha youre welcome for getting you wet and ill go grab a towel inside

Katelyn: you know where they are?

Sarah: in the closet next to your room?

Katelyn: perect

shortly after that Sarah comes out with my dolphin towel that i got from Mexico last year

Katelyn: i love that towel

Sarah: i know right!!!

Katelyn: i need some advise

Sarah: about what boo?

Katelyn: my birthday

Sarah: i think that you should stay home and be with your family...nothing big

Katelyn: okay, i just wanted to be with you and my family..thats it :)

Sarah: aww yay!!

(a few hours later and Sarah goes home and im sitting in my bed) 

by now its about 6:00 pm and my eyes start to get heavy so i just let them go and fall asleep


Rhonda's P.O.V

i step inside the house and hear silence, i slowely walk to Katelyn's room and find her fast asleep on her bed. I look at her and just admire her breath taking beauty. I love my daughter so much and i hate that i have to keep this birthday secret from her, its killing me!!! i think, 4 more days till its her birthday, 4 more days until she'll be surprised, 4 more days i have to keep this secret, 4 more days until she gets to meet the love of her life - Justin Bieber...

I think of all the joy ill bring to her and she'll forget about her abusive ex-boyfriend Michael for just a few hours..she still has the scars that he gave her, he used to punch, kick, and slap her when she did something 'out of line'. He brought her such sorrow and just wanted him to leave her alone but when she tried to break-up with him, he said that they were 'going to be together forever and there was nothing she could do about it'. Eventually Katelyn came to me with her problem with Michael and i called the police. They took him into custody for a few days but let him free again..after that, he didnt really bother her a lot anymore; but when they see eachother in public, he gives her a glare of disgust. 

i slide into bed and think through everything that has happened recently, then my eyes fluttered shut

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