Once in a Lifetime Chance..Or Is It?

Katelyn has been a belieber since 2006. From His first video, to his last, she will e with him. Her birthday is July 12, and he is coming to the city she lives in the day AFTER her birthday, and her parents didnt buy her tickets. She is desperate to meet or be at one of Justin's concert.


1. Begger

Katelyn's P.O.V.

"Mom please!! The tickets go on sale in 10 minutes!! PLEASE!!!" I scream down the stairs. 

"Katelyn I don't want to hear it anymore, we are tight on money and we don't need to waste it on STUPID JUSTIN BIEBER TICKETS" my mother screamed back. 

Oh she did NOT just call Justin and his tickets "STUPID". If she's gonna call him stupid, than I'm stupid. As I check the ticket website, I look at how long until they go on sale..5 minutes and 30 seconds. As i start to think to myself, i realize that my dream of going to a Justin Bieber concert is over. I'm laying on my bed and I start to feel something warm and wet trickle down my face; I'm crying. 

Mother's P.O.V.

I walk into the kitchen, and find my husband making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. I sit at our dining table. 

"Hunny, I feel really bad about saying no to Katelyn. What should I do?" 

"Do what your heart tells you to do." my husband, Jessie says.

"Well I know but that doesn't help." 

I put my head down on the table and start to hear footsteps getting closer to me, I lift my head up and find my husband right next to me and leaning in for a hug. 

I say with a snifle in my nose, "I want to make her happy, but we don't have the money." 

Katelyns P.O.V.

I slowely walk down the wooden stairs, turn the corner and find my mom whimpering in my fathers shoulder. I turn around and make sure they can hear me walking down the stairs so my mother can gather herself. I walk in with my head to the floor and lightely say, "Mom, I'm sorry for screaming at you for the tickets, I know we're tight on money and I shouldn't have asked."

"No Katie, you're fine, don't worry about it." she calmly and slowely said. 

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