the swinging memory

anne kimble professional softball player in the N.S.A (national softball alliance) loses her memory after a hit in the head by a fastball.her family all except her mom takes advantage of it.her twin sister scams money from her and turns anne(tomboy not very popular)into one of her popular group members,brother tries to get her to get him older girls.will she get into trouble?will she remember anything?
will she maintain her ability to play softball?


1. the starting catastrophy

"get ready to go!"my mom yelled for me.i was just about to go to the biggest game of the NSA (national softball alliance)-its kind of like the national baseball leage or the NBL.i am anne kimble the biggest NSA pro player in the world.i looked over at my twin sister,tonya.she was looking at her phone."do you want to go?"i asked her knowing she was gonna say 'no' but it was worth a shot.just as i expected miss 'perfect barbie doll' herself shook her head wasnt a big suprise.she never wants to do anything with me.i put on my white softball pants,my detroit tigers number six jersey,a baseball cap with the detroit tigers sybol on there,had no makeup,and my hair was in a pony tail.i ran downstairs to the brother and my father were yelling "good luck we'll be watching!"

mom was waiting out in the car.i hopped in and got my seatbelt on and we left the was 40 miles from the softball field.we sat in silence as i fixed my batting gloves.a

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