My Bestfriend's Brother

A girl named Ashley has always just been the normal crazy 17 year old. What happens when she spends the night at her friend Tori's for the first time? Well she gets a crush on Tori's brother. It could be your normal crush or something more. Read to find out.


13. What did we do?

I turned my head and peeked over my shoulder to see Tyler sleeping. Well at least it was him and not a complete stranger but Jesus Christ! What did we do and where are the rest of my clothes? Shit! When i looked around the room i noticed it isn't mine....

"Wake the fuck up" I whispered in his ear. I was mad. I can't believe this happened! I elbowed him and he finally opened his eyes. He grabbed his head and leaned up.

"What are you doing here?" He asked looking at me.

"Well smart ass we crashed here after our night of drinking. My mom and dad are going to be worried sick. We are in the same house as my best friend if she catches me all hell will break loose!" I whisper yelled.

"Well..." He sat and thought for a moment. "I'm sorry.... I can go and check to see who is up or not and try to sneak you out." He said pulling off the covers. That's when i knew something had to have happened.

"Uhm Tyler may wanna cover that up" I said pointing down to his little friend. He covered it quickly and blushed. He pulled on some boxers and sweats and as soon as he went towards the door there was a knock.

"Tyler I heard you and that girl! I'm so telling mom when she gets home! I have all the noise on tape! This is so good to hold against you!" She yelled from the other side of the door. Tyler pointed towards the closet i grabbed my pants and shirt as i ran in and closed the door. I heard him open his door and Tori come in.

"Where did you hide her huh? The bathroom? Under the bed?" She yelled. I could hear her running around and gave up all hope. She was going to find me. I got dressed and sat quietly until the closet door swung open revealing Tori standing infront of me.

"What the fuck are you doing here!? You were with my brother! Your my best friend! How could you do this!? I thought it was just a crush!? What happened to telling each other everything!" She screamed. I stepped out of the closet and stared at her blank. I didn't know what to say. There was nothing i could say. She stood waiting for an answer then turned to Tyler. "This is my best friend what are you fucking around with her for!? How can you two do this behind my back!? I can't believe you!" She screamed and turned to me. "Especially you. You should have told me. We tell each other everything. Don't talk to me you stupid bitch!" She screamed and ran out. I then heard her bed room door slam and as it did i fell to the floor crying. I felt Tyler's hand rub my back and i stood up walking towards the door.

"We can't do this im sorry. She is my best friend and i love her. We can't see each other anymore." I said and walked down the hall towards her room. I knocked a time or two and there was no sound. Not a movement or anything. I knocked another time. Then i got worried.

"Tori answer me please!" I yelled. Still no answer. I opened the door to her room and she wasnt there. I noticed her bathroom door was shut i walked to the door and didnt even knocked. I swung the door open and saw Tori sitting with a knife in hand and blood drippling down her wrist.

"Tori Oh my God!" I screamed and kneeled beside her. I took the knife from her hand and hugged her. She was crying her eyes out. "Why would you do that!?" I yelled. She just kept crying and i was too. I finally calmed her and helped wash her wrist. I layed her in her bed and sat next to her rubbing her arm trying to soothe her.

"I'm sorry..." She mumbled.

"Dont be i should be sorry. I should have said something. We went out for drinks last night and i woke up in his bed. I'm so sorry Tori. I should have told you. Your brother knows i like him. He likes me back. We wanted to try a secret for a while and it was going ok. Then we got drunk and this happened.... Is my relationship or whatever you would call it with him the reason you've done this?" I asked rubbing my thumb slowly along her cuts.

"No.." She mumbled and cried again. I put my arm around her shoulders and held her. We were very close so this isn't out of ordinary for us to hug and cuddle alot.

"Shh its ok. I told your brother we cant see each other anymore. Now please tell me why you cut. Please Tori?" I begged. She nodded and caught her breath.

"I did it because i felt like you were using me to just get to him or to be with him..." She cried again. It was now that i felt like a complete shit. Before i felt horrible but now it was just worse.

"Tori i love you! I'm not here for your brother! I'm here for you! I don't want to see him anymore..." I lied. I really do want to be with him. It just hurts Tori too much. It wont work. "Tori I'm right her right now for you. Its for no one else. Your my best friend and i love and care about you so much! Promise me you wont ever do this again. Please." I said hugging her close to me both of us bawling our eyes out.

"I promise. Now can you promise me something?" She asked looking up.

"Anything love" I said giving a weak smile to show her im happy to be with her.

"Promise me you won't ever love Tyler more than me. I don't care if you date or have sex or whatever. Just promise me you will be here for me. Not leave me for him. Come for me too. Not just him. Be here for me when i need you." She said looking me dead in the eyes. Did she really just say she didn't care if we dated?! But she thinks im going to leave her...

"Tori i promise im never going to leave you! I love and care so much about you! I could never love someone more than you! Your like so important to me! Your the one im moving to london with after high school! We are never leaving each other! I promise love! We will be together forever. But were me and Tyler like really having sex?" I asked. The fact i didn't remember my first time with Tyler was pretty bad.

"I'm telling the truth. There were some moans and groans.... I'm pretty sure it happened. I'm sorry babe. Go talk to him. Settle things and after we can go shopping or something and out for lunch for your birthday." She smiled pushing me off the bed.

"Alright. I'll have to go home and shower. Come with me maybe my parents wont be too harsh about me not being there when they woke.." I laughed and walked out and to Tyler's door. I knocked 3 times before he opened the door slowly.

"Hey..." he mumbled. He had been crying. Oh my God... Was it about me?

"Tyler why have you been crying?" I asked and wiped a single tear from his left cheek with my thumb.

"Because you said we couldnt see each other anymore... It makes me sad and mad at the same time..." He said.

"I talked to Tori she is fine with us being together. You can still see me i just doubt you really-" I was cut off by his lips being pressed to mine and his arms wrapping around my waist. I slid my arms around his neck and kissed back.

"Awwhhhhh. Get a room your fucktards" Tori said peeking out her door. I pulled back and smiled at her. "Im guessing we are all good?" She laughed pulling her sweatshirt on.

"Yeah" I smiled.

"Ready to go?" She asked. I nodded and started to walk away when Tyler pulled me back.

"Where do you think your going?" He asked in his deep sexy voice. I blushed.

"We are going shopping today." I giggled.

"And you werent going to kiss me good bye?" He smiled. I pecked his lips and walked down the stairs.

"Bye!" I yelled back to him and got in the car with Tori.

"To my house and punishment from mom and dad!" I yelled. sarcasm alot.

"Lets come up with an excuse of where you were. Maybe i snuck you out after you 'went to bed' and then we went out for your midnight birthday celebration and you crashed at my place?" She suggested. I nodded and then we got ot my house. Hell here i come...

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