My Bestfriend's Brother

A girl named Ashley has always just been the normal crazy 17 year old. What happens when she spends the night at her friend Tori's for the first time? Well she gets a crush on Tori's brother. It could be your normal crush or something more. Read to find out.


18. We're here!(:

"Hi...." I said. My mom and dad stood in the doorway i could see alex on the couch playing video games.

"Where have you been are you okay baby?" My mom asked.

"Don't pitty her Kelly. She ran away and left us to be on her own. Mind explaining why your here?" My dad said coldly. Geez its nice to see you too....

"I'm here to tell you both good-bye. Me and Tori are leaving for London today" I said proudly standing up to my father.

"You can't your still in highschool and your staying until your finished young lady!" My dad yelled yanking my arm and pulling me in the house. I grabbed Tori's hand and pulled her along with me.

"Dad im 18 and i have a right to do as i want and you cant tell me what to do anymore!" I screamed.

"Both of you stop it!" My mom yelled.

"Mom i love you. I'll call you soon" I said and hugged her. I passed my dad and walked out the door with Tori towards the cab.

"I love you dad talk to you soon bye" I screamed. He said something but i slammed the cab door so i didn't hear. We told the driver to go on and finally arrived at the airport around 30 minutes later. Its time.

"Are you ready for the biggest move of our lives?" Tori asked.

"Of course! I can't wait till we're there!" I yelled. I texted Clay and told him we were leaving right now and i turned my phone off for the plane ride. I slept the whole way. I fell asleep to Tori talking. She just kept going on and on about something i wasn't really listening.

"Wake up bitch were here!" Tori yelled and slapped me.

"Geez call me the bitch and your yelling and slapping people!" I yelled back. We got our bags and walked out towards the waiting area. I got out my phone and waited for it to turn on.

"Ugh my phone is taking forever. Once it turns on i'll text Clay" I said to Tori. She was smiling uncontrollably.

"What are you smiling at?" I laughed.

"Oh nothing just happy were here" She laughed too. A pair of hands went over my eyes and it was all dark.

"Hello love miss me?" I heard a familiar voice. I pulled the hands off my eyes and turned around to see Clay.

"Of course!" I laughed and hugged him. When a pulled away he frowned.

"What?" I asked.

"I suddenly got cold" He whined. I laughed and picked up my bags.

"No, no I'll get your bags" He smiled and took the luggage out of my hands.

"Alright then i'll help Tori with hers." I laughed and took one of her suitcases.

"Thanks" She smiled and we walked out of the airport. I don't know what kind of car Clay has here but i hope its as hot as the one before.

"My car is the black charger over there" He smiled. Woah that was good looking. Its windows were tented. Wonder why....

"Hot" I laughed

"Ashley stop flirting you little shit!" Tori yelled.

"Well sorry..." I whined.

"I just hope your man friend here has some hot friends like you do." Tori laughed and turned to Clay.

"Well i have a roommate but i don't really want to judge if he's hot..." He laughed and started the car. After a few minutes we stepped foot in his apartment.

"Nice place... So where's the roommate?" Tori asked.

"Should be on the couch as usual" Clay smiled.

"Where are me and Tori sleeping for the night?" I asked.

"Well the only bed left is the pull out couch so if you don't want to sleep with her there's always the other half of my bed." He said seductively.

"We'll just have to wait and see" I smirked and kissed his cheek. I walked into the living room and saw Tori sitting on a guy's lap making out with him.... Mind blown. How the fuck did she do that?!

"Ahem!" I coughed and she turned to me with red cheeks.

"Yes?" She asked all innocently.

"I think you know" I laughed and sat next to them. I took the remote out of the guy's hand and started flipping channels.

"Hey!" He yelled.

"Well if you wanna watch the tv get the ass outta ya way dumb ass" I laughed. He just continued kissing Tori and i continued flipping through channels.

"Hey if they get to lap sit does that mean we get to!?" Clay yelled and jumped on my lap. I grunted. Lord this boy has a boney bum.

"I guess but can it be the other way around maybe?" I asked pushing him off me. He sat down and pulled me onto his lap by my hips. Tori is still making out with the guy i don't know his name.

"What do you wanna do?" Clay asked.

"Well i have a idea. I don't know if you'll like it though.." I whispered.

"What's the idea?" He asked. I kissed him passionately and wrapped my arms around his neck. He held his hands on my hips and it deepened. When Tori and the guy got up and left Clay layed me down and layed on top of me. I don't know where Tori went but i don't care. Im having fun. Clay moved from my lips and started kissing my neck and sucking on it leaving love bites. I moaned into his ear witch made him grin. He kissed below my ear which reminded me of Tyler. I started picturing him as Clay kissed me all over.

"Clay stop" I said and rolled out from under him.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I'm sorry its just. I just got out a relationship i don't really want to go that far right now" I mumbled.

"Oh ok." He mumbled and sat up.

"I'm sorry but soon ok? Just let me get to know you better?" I suggested.

"Well alright but i kind of have a problem..." He sighed.

"And whats that?" I asked. He moved his arms from his lap and revealed a bulge. I giggled at the sight and he glared at me.

"Its not funny! You did this to me!" He whined. I laughed and sat back on his lap.

"I'm sorry baby." I patted it down.

"Oh my God!!!" I heard Tori scream.

"I think Grayson took her for a ride" Clay winked.

"Fuck Gabe!" I screamed and ran to the room the noise was from.

"Tori forgetting someone! Like Gabe!!" I yelled and banged on the door.

"Shit!" She yelled. The door swung open and revealed Tori sweaty in an oversized shirt.

"What were you thinking! Gabe is back in America being committed to you!" I yelled.

"Look ok i didn't tell you but we broke up alright. I didn't want to say anything because you were having trouble with Tyler and all. I told Gabe we were moving and that i thought we should break up because long distance relationships never work..." She mumbled the last part.

"Tori i'm sorry. I've been making it all about me lately." I hugged her. and she patted my back.

"Its ok babe but can i please finish what i was doing?" She smirked.

"Fine but by the way before you talk to me again please cover up your ass" I laughed and kicked her butt.

"Hey now i was a little bit too busy to cover it up" She laughed and slammed the door shut. I went back to Clay laughing my head off but he wasn't on the couch anymore.

"Clay?" I whispered. I went into the kitchen still no Clay i checked the bathroom. Still no clay. I went to another door i guess it was his room? I tapped the door then opened it and found him laying on his bed jerking off... I laughed my ass off and fell in the floor laughing.

"Its not funny!!" He yelled and crawled under the covers.

"Why hide now ive already seen it" I laughed.

"Well you could've waited till i told you to enter!" He yelled.

"Well sorry... Are you doing that because of me?" I asked walking towards him.

"Maybe...." He mumbled and looked at the floor. I grabbed his head and made him look at me.

"Don't be ashamed of it. I find it cute" I laughed and crawled under the sheets with him. He smirked big as i pulled off all my clothes. I think you know the rest.....


I woke up in Clay's arms. He snored in his sleep but it was a low snore and it was adorable. I turned to face him and kissed him. He opened his eyes when i pulled away. God he was sexy shirtless.

"Morning beautiful" He laughed.

"Morning sexy" I smiled.

"How about some pancakes and bacon for breakfast?" He asked.

"That would be nice... I don't wanna leave though. I wanna stay here and look at you and cuddle" I laughed.

"You can look at all this whenever you want babe" He laughed with me. I threw on his shirt and some booty shorts then walked out with him to the kitchen.

"Morning love birds" I said to Tori and Grayson as we walked into the kitchen.

"Morning" Tori smiled. Grayson was at the stove and Clay went over to join him. I sat across from Tori at the table and a smirk grew on her face.

"How did you sleep?" I asked with a wink.

"Well i was having fun at first but when i tried to sleep i couldn't because of the noises from the room next door" She glared at me and Clay chuckled.

"Ya it was good." I laughed.

"So what are we going to do today?" Tori asked as the boys sat down with the food.

"Well i thought we could..."

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