My Bestfriend's Brother

A girl named Ashley has always just been the normal crazy 17 year old. What happens when she spends the night at her friend Tori's for the first time? Well she gets a crush on Tori's brother. It could be your normal crush or something more. Read to find out.


2. Twitcam

We stayed upstairs in Tori's room playing on our computers almost all night. We just stayed on facebook, twitter, and tumblr mostly. We decided to do a truth twitcam. When we started the twitcam the viewers weren't a large number there was about maybe 16 viewers.

"So viewers send in questions and we will answer them all truly!" Tori said shoving the camera at her face. I put it back and the table and laughed.

"Sorry about that disturbing image" I said laughing.

"Like your any better." Tori said z snapping her fingers.

"Ya alright hey look we have some questions!" I said pointing to the screen.

"Ok first question." I said reading through the comment bar for a good one.

"Ok who was the last cute guy you've saw today?" I read out loud. Shit did I really have to answer this one truthfully?? Oh great...

"Kaleb Kaye" Tori answered right away. I laughed then she elbowed me.

"Your turn smart ass." She said laughing. She knew my answer but I didn't wanna say it on the fucking internet...

"A guy named Tyler... All I'm saying.." I said and got up out of my chair.

"Where the fuck you think your going? We have more questions!" Tori screamed at me.

"I have to pee woman!" I yelled as I ran out the door. I walked down the hallway then I saw Tyler.

"Hey what you looking for?" He asked walking towards me.

"The bathroom." I said as I looked up at him. Gosh his tan with his eyes and blonde hair could drive a girl crazy.

"2nd door to the right." He said pointing behind him and then he kept walking. I ran in and did my business and then went back to Tori and the twitcam. WE answered a couple more questions then we got tired of twicaming and turned the computers off for the first time since earlier when we got home. Tori's mom yelled for us to come downstairs for dinner. We both ran towards the door and raced to the kitchen.

"CHICKEN!!" Tori screamed running to sit at the table. I sat down beside her then Tyler came downstairs with his friend Chad.

"Chicken!" He yelled as he sat down. We all laughed and started chowing down. Their younger sister was already in bed and had ate so it was just us teens after their mom went back to the living room to watch her show.

"Hey we should all watch a scary movie tonight!" Tyler said while shoving some chicken in his mouth. We all laughed and said "Yeah why not!" After dinner we all went into Tori's room to watch the movie. It was upstairs so her parents couldn't hear us scream. I Jumped in the middle of the bed and layed sideways so I took it all up.

"You have to share!" Tori said running and jumping on the bed. I curled up in a ball and she jumped next to me.

"Maybe I didn't want to share!" I said and we all laughed. Tyler put in paranormal activity and we all got on the bed. Surprisingly Tyler sat next to me... I didn't know if it was good or bad that he did but of well. We were all cuddled up in our own blankets and we started the movie.

About halfway into the movie we were all scared shitless.

"Holy fuck!!" Tori screamed and cuddled under the pillow hiding. Then a big fat ass ghost popped up on the scream.

"Ahhhh!!!" I screamed and cuddled under my blanket. Tyler and Chad haven't even moved through out the whole movie... I wish it didn't scare me as bad as it did! I felt Tyler shifting around outside the blanket I popped my head out and saw him starring back at me. He quickly looked away. I looked over at Tori and she was still under the pillow hiding. I looked back at the screen and another scary part was coming up. I sunk my head under the covers, and I left my eyes out to watch. Then suddenly Tyler leant over towards me.

"I heard what you said about me on twitcam" He whispered in my ear and pulled away smiling. Shit!

"What do you mean?" I whispered back trying to act innocent.

"Don't act like you don't know. You have a little crush on me" He whispered back and just grinned. Shit he knew.

"No I don't" I protested but it was no use..

"Yes you do and you know it" He winked. The movie ended and there was no more said. Him and Chad left the room and me and Tori went to bed. We didn't sleep that well after that movie but we made it through ok. It was around 4:00 in the morning when I woke up having to pee again. I got up and walked towards the bathroom. It took me a second to find it in all the dark but I finally did. I walked in and there stood Tyler washing his hands.

"Oh sorry I didn't know anyone was in here." I said turning around.

"Its alright I was just leaving" He said drying his hands and walked out. "Thanks for the comment on twitcam earlier. No other guys you see today considered hotter than me in your eyes?" I just blushed.

"Well not really..." I said as I walked into the bathroom. "Uh night Tyler." I said as I was about to shut the door he stopped it with his foot, then leaned in close to me and kissed my cheek. I was shocked at his move.

"What was that for?" I asked opening the door a little more.

"Well I just don't know yet.." He said and walked away. I finished my business and walked back to Tori's room. I couldn't sleep thinking of what just happened... What the heck did just happen!

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