My Bestfriend's Brother

A girl named Ashley has always just been the normal crazy 17 year old. What happens when she spends the night at her friend Tori's for the first time? Well she gets a crush on Tori's brother. It could be your normal crush or something more. Read to find out.


12. Sneak out with me?

Well it was day three of the punishment by my dumb ass dad. I would text or call Tyler every now and then but i didn't want my dad to catch me so i mainly only called him for an hour after school before my dad gets home, but today i got the perfect idea. After school i was going to call Tyler and tell him my whole devious plan.

******************************After School*************************************

"Hey babe how was your day?" Tyler asked when he answered the phone.

"Great cause i got the perfect idea of how we can see each other, and stay out as late as we want!" I screamed.

"Calm down" He laughed. "Tell me the idea" He said still chuckling.

"Well i can sneak out of the house at around 11 tonight and we can go clubbing. What do you think?" I asked.

"Well ya but you have to be 18 to get into the club." He said sounded disapointed.

"As of 12 tonight i am 18" I laughed.

"Alright then its settled I'll be at your house around 11 tonight. How are you sneaking out?" He asked.

"Since im on the first floor unlike everyone else ill just use my window. The door is too loud when it shuts." I explained.

"Alright ill meet you at the window around 11. I got to go though mom wants me to help move furniture. I'll see you then. Bye love" He laughed.

"Bye" I said and hung up.

I sat around until about 6 then i ate dinner and went straight to my room afterwards cayse well i dont like sitting around with my family. At around 8 i took my shower and straightened my hair. I didn't want it all fixed up because my mom would notice something. I put some pj pants on over my jeans and i just left the t-shirt on. I can change shirts quickly so thats not big deal. I heard a knock at the door so i jumped in the bed and started a game on my phone.

"Come in" I said in my boring voice.

"Just wanted to check on you and tell you good night sweetie." My mom said walking over too the bed.

"Night mom. Love you" I said and kissed her cheek.

"Night sweetie. Turn off that game and get to sleep. You have a big day tomorow! My little girl is growing up." She said kissing my forhead. She walked to the door and shut up all the way then i hopped out of bed and changed my shirt adn tied my shoes. I was wearing dark blue skinny jeans with a tight t-shirt, and my converse. I sat on the side of my bed and texted Tyler.

To Tyler<3:

Hey I'm ready whenever you are babe ;)

From Tyler<3:

I'm almost there be out the window love

To Tyler<3:


I got off the bed and shoved my phone in my pocket. I opened the window slowly not wanting to make much noise and i jumped out. I stood in the cold for a few minutes then i felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see Tyler.

"Where the fuck did you come from?" I whispered.

"I walked a little ways i didn't want the car to wake your parents. We have about a 5 minute walk back to the car. Is that alright?" He asked.

"Thats fine" I said and we started walking. I felt Tyler's hand intertwine with mine and he gripped it tightly.

"Your cold" He said.

"Just a little but i'm fine." I said playing with his fingers. He let go of my hand and took off his jacket. He then wrapped it around me.

"There now you will be better." He smiled and grabbed my hand again.

"Thanks but now you will be cold." i insisted.

"Well i guess that means we will have to heat things up huh?" He laughed and got closer to me as we walked. We got to the car and he opened my door for me.

"Thanks" I said hopping in. He closed the door and got in the drivers seat. He started the car and after about 5 minutes i was finally warm. I gave him his jacket and i turned the radio up.

"Woohoo!!! Were gonna party tonight baby!" I laughed.

"Have you ever drank before?" He asked.

"Well no but hey why not try tonight?" I laughed and started dancing.

"I'm not going to drink much then so i can watch over you" He said and held my hand. After about an hour we arrived at a club. He came to my side of the car and helped me out.

"Happy birthday my love" He said taking my hand and walking towards the entrance.

"Thanks" I said and walked along.

"ID please?" The big buff guy at the intranced asked. Me and Tyler showed our ID's and he opened the door.

"Have a nice night" He said and we walked in to the club with colorful lights and booming music.

"This is awesome!" I yelled and Tyler just laughed. We walked to the bar adn took our seats.

"Two shots please" Tyler said adn the bar tender set them on the table.

"Bottoms up!" I screamed and chugged it down. Holy fuck that burns.

"You should see your face right now" Tyler chuckled and hti the table. The bartender came over adn refilled our glasses.

"Last one make it count baby!" He yelled and chugged his i swallowed mine down and we laughed making jokes.

"Wanna dance?" He asked getting up.

"Sure" I smiled and walked to the dance floor. There was a big crowd so we scrambled to whatever spot we could find. We just danced and laughed for a while until the drink started hitting us then eventually grinding started.

"woohoo!!!!" We yelled. I don't really remember much rest.

I fluttered my eyes open to the light and i instantly got a major headache.

"Oh my God..." I moaned. I started to lean up when i couldn't. There were a pair of arms wrapped around my waist and when i looked down i  only had on my bra and panties... Oh no.


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