My Bestfriend's Brother

A girl named Ashley has always just been the normal crazy 17 year old. What happens when she spends the night at her friend Tori's for the first time? Well she gets a crush on Tori's brother. It could be your normal crush or something more. Read to find out.


11. Perfect Night Or Horror?

Well I was planning a date with Tyler tonight, and no one knew. Especially not Tori. She would flip out on me if she knew me and her brother were going on a date... Anyways I had just got to my first class and I wasn't as tired as usual. I stayed awake for the whole class. Me and Kayla made faces across the room, while Tori and Brooke made perverted jokes. Wow i miss alot of fun during the time i sleep. After the whole day was over came the bus ride. Yet again im with Tori. We sit together pretty much everywhere we go. When we got on the bus then came horror. Somehow my ex Wesley was brought up and everyone on the bus was talking about why they thought me adn him broke up... Well let me tell you the real story. I told that ass hole i was dating that i cut myself one time... He broke up with me because i cut myself. He said he couldnt date a girl with my problems... He broke my heart. I fell in love with him. He was such an ass. I found out he was cheating on me too. With a slut too. It was just the best year of my fucking life. Anyways now Gavin cheated on me and love just fucking hurts. This thing going with Tyler doesnt seem to be a real relationship just maybe a little fun for each of us... Nothing serious i hope. I'm just not ready for that. Anyways everyone kept asking and i was trying not to pay attention until one guy said he knew the intire story... Only Tori, Kayla, and Kendra knew what really happened. It scared me that someone knew. I turned around to see Thomas sitting there telling everyone he knew it. I was scared shitless by now and Tori was standing up for me.

"Thomas you need to shut that fucking freckle face of yours before I beat the shit out of it. Now turn around in your seat and everyone mind their own damn buisness got that!?" She screamed at everyone. The entire bus got quiet and she turned back around to talk to me. We just sat there starring at each other.

"Thanks Tori" I said smiling nad hugged her. After a few minutes Thomas left and the bus was wild again.

"Ohhh. Uhhh. Ahhh ya..." I heard from behind me then i turned around to see Tori air fucking me.

"What the fuck is wrong with you!" I yelled and laughed at the same time.

"What i cant air hump you in peace!" She yelled and starting moving her arms in that motion. We all laughed then my stop came.

"Lets air hump again tomorrow Tori! It was good." I said as i got off the bus. I ran to the house and straight to my room I wanted to look beautiful tonight so i went to get ready right away. After about two hours of work i had my blonde hair all curled, i was wearing my black long sleeve hollister shirt with skinny jeans and converse. It was my normal clothes cause i hate dressing up. When i dress up i just want to shoot myself. Gosh i hate it. So i always go out as a normal person never fancy. It was now 7:30. My mom had to work late so she wasn't home, and my dad was at grandpa's visting for a couple hours so if i made it back by 10 they won't know a thing. Alex is over at Michaels so its all clear. I finally heard a knock at the door after a million years!

"Hey" Tyler greeted me after i opened the door.

"Hey uhm wanna come in for a minutes? I'll be right back i have to go get my bag!" I said motioning him in and closing the door. I ran back to my room and grabbed my phone and lip gloss then shoved them into my bag.

"I'm ready!" I said as i got back to the door where he was standing waiting.

"Let's go then" He smiled and held my hand guiding me out to the car. He opened my door for me and i hopped in. What a gentlemen. He got in adn started the engine then we were off.

"Where are we going?" I asked looking over at him.

"Some where special" He said laughing adn returning his look to the road.

"Come on tell me! Please?" I begged.

"No you will just have to wait and see!" He said not giving in. He pulled off to the side of the road and blind folded me.

"Is this necessary?" I asked laughing.

"Of course it is. It has to be a surprise" He said and started driving again. After a few more minutes he finally stopped the car. I heard his door shut then mine opened. He took my hand and helped me out. We walked a few minutes with him guiding me then he sat me down in grass? I hears noise but i didn't know what was going on.

"Alright its ready. Take off your blind fold love" He said and i took it off my head. I looked infront of me to see Tyler sitting on a blanket next to a good looking dinner, and we were right next to the river. It was so beautiful.

"Tyler this is amazing." I said as i scooted over next to him.

"Well it has to be for such an amazing girl" He smirked and got the food on our plates. Yummy! It was chicken, corn and mashed potatoes my favorite! After eating we just sat and talked and enjoyed ourselves. I never knew Tyler was such a i dont know i guess you would say a down to earth person. He said everyword to me like he truly cared. Does he?

"So what are some embarassing stories of you?" He asked me smirking.

"Well i dont know really. This isn't really embarassing but its kind of funny. When i was 3 i flushed the remote down the toilet. Haha mom and dad were very mad but they were laughing cause of the tv flipping channels" I said laughing. He laughed too and we just sat in silence. After i few minutes i just layed down on the grass and looked up at the stars. Tyler layed down with me and intertwined our hands together. It seemed so perfect.

"Your eyes are so beautiful. I've never really gotten to see them this well before." He said smiling at me. Hes so cheeky.

"Thanks." I said and returned the smile. I gazed up at the stars finding the little dipper and big dipper and just trying to make shapes.

"Ashley you know i care about you right? Like alot? I really do. I really like you. Can we be a thing ever?" Tyler asked and looked into my eyes. This broke my thought of the stars and i looked back into his eyes. They sparkled and it made me smile to see them so beautiful.

"There could be just give it time." I said and kissed his cheek. He started blushing and i did as well.
"How much time? I just can't wait much longer to be able to call you mine." He smiled and leaned up.

"We better get you home shouldn't we? It's almost 9:30." He said gathering all the food.

"Yeah i have to be home by 10 or i'll be caught by my parents... So i guess we better get going." I said standing up. Tyler carried the picnic basket and blanket in one hand and held my hand with his other. Oh the perfect night. Or so i thought.... After Tyler dropped me off i was all happy and smiley then i got in the house and saw my dad standing at the top of the stairs.

"Who was that boy and why dont i know him young lady" My father asked very sternly.

"Thats Tyler dad he was just taking me out to get something to eat.." I said passing by him to try and escape.

"Come back here and sit down at the table Ashley. We have a discussion we need to have." He said pulling me by the hood of my jacket.

"Dad we've already had the sex talk." I said trying to avoid any of that conversation. I sat at the table and he sat across from me.

"Why didn't i know about this date?" He asked still using his serious tone unlike other times.

"It was a short notice date and you were gone so i didnt say anything.." I lied.

"Well you couldve called and asked. I don't want you to be out this late with boys and without me or your mother knowing. You should have tol done of us. So you are grounded for a week, and thats final. No more seeing this boy without my consent either. Got it?" Dad said and got up to leave the table. Great now i can't go on another date with Tyler or see him for a whole fucking week. Gosh my dad is a little harsh don't ya think? I went to my room and slammed the door intending to show everyone how pissed I am. I can't believe my dad is doing this to me. Atleast i can text and call Tyler. Maybe there is a way to see him i just haven't found it out yet...


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