My Bestfriend's Brother

A girl named Ashley has always just been the normal crazy 17 year old. What happens when she spends the night at her friend Tori's for the first time? Well she gets a crush on Tori's brother. It could be your normal crush or something more. Read to find out.


19. Fucked up shit is happening....

"Well i thought we could go to the carnival maybe?" Grayson suggested.

"Sounds great!" Tori yelled.

"Yeah and since its-" Clay was going to say something but Tori's phone interrupted him. She looked at her phone screen and she seemed worried suddenly.

"I have to take this" She said quickly and ran out.

"What was that about?" Grayson asked.

"Did you see the caller ID?" I asked him.

"Yeah think it said Tyler? I don't know." He mumbled.

"Shit!" I said and ran out the kitchen to find Tori.

"What do you mean your here! Your supposed to be in America!" She screamed. She didn't know i was listening i decided to keep listening.

"No i'm not letting you see her Tyler!" She yelled. Pause....

"No you can't see her. You caused her a lot of pain and i'm not letting that happen! She is happy let her be!" She continued. Pause....

"Well for all i care you can rot in that shitty motel and go to hell when you die! I'm not letting you see her!" She yelled. Pause....

"I can't believe you would bring that up! If you tell mum i will kill you!" She screamed. Pause....

"Fine but i'm coming with her and as long as you see her you don't tell mum right?" She suddenly quieted herself. Pause....

"Alright i'll see you there..." She mumbled and hung up and sat on the couch crying. I sat next to her and hugged her.

"What was he going to tell your mom?" I ask and she looks up bawling.

"Its nothing! Only Tyler knew... I never told you because i was scared you would leave me..." She cried more. I hugged her close and let her cry. I rubbed her back to soothe her.

"Tori i'm not gonna leave you love. Please tell me what he was going to tell her" I begged.

"Alright...." She said sitting up. She took a deep breath.

"When i was 16 i lost my virginity to James.... My ex. We didn't use protection and well i got pregnant. Tyler was the one who took me to the doctor and i spent some of my savings to get an abortion..." She cried again.

"Tori.... I would never leave you over that. You weren't ready for a kid its ok. I love you no matter what alright? We tell each other everything, and thats gonna continue" I finally got her to smile after saying that.

"Theres my happy little sunshine!" I laughed and hugged her.

"Your pregnant?! You got an abortion!?" Grayson yelled from behind us. Holy fuck no he came in on wrong timing here.

"Grayson its not what your thinking at all!" Tori yelled.

"No just leave me alone for a while alright?" He said and walked to his room.

"Great. Grayson thinks im pregnant now!" Tori started crying again. Sireously i just got a smile out of her!

"Tori he will come around im sure he's just scared cause he thinks hes gonna have a kid let me go talk to him about it alright? Go eat your breakfast with Clay" I smiled and walked to Grayson's room and knocked.

"Go away" He mumbled from behind the door. I ignored him and opened it anyways.

"Grayson why in the hell would you do that to her!" I asked while closing the door behind me.

"Because i can't handle a kid! Plus i don't even like her as much as another girl that just came into my life as well" He smiled. Woah he better not be talking bout me or sireous shit gonna happen.

"Grayson what are you saying. Who is this other-" I was cut off because he pushed me against the door and kissed me. I pushed him off me and he fell to the floor.

"What the fuck is wrong with you!" I screamed.

"I don't know alright! I like you and her!" He yelled back.

"Grayson i like Clay and not a bit of you! Tori likes you and your supposed to be with her!" I yelled.

"I want you though" He said getting back up and walking towards me.

"Grayson stop this!" I screamed but he kissed me again. This time i kicked his balls and ran out the door to the kitchen. Should i tell Clay and Tori?

"Whats wrong babe?" Clay asked getting up.

"Nothing i just need a little fresh air thats all i'll um be back in a second!" I said and ran out the apartment door and outside. I sat on a bench outside and thought a long time about all thats happening. Ok Tyler wants to see me. I can deal with that. Just slept with Clay last night. I can take that anytime. Grayson just kissed me and likes me more than Tori. Uh no! I can't tell Tori or she might move back to America thinking she shouldn't have left Gabe. I don't want to be here without her.... But she deserves to know. I can't tell Clay or he will kill Grayson and kick him out. I'm thinking i should just keep this between me and Grayson unless he continues. I want everyone happy. But Tori will be really unhappy because she is with the wrong guy! I have to tell her... and Clay.

"Whats wrong?" My thoughts were interrupted and i looked up to see Tori.

"We need to talk about you and Grayson" I said and patted the spot next to me. She sat down.

"Yes?" She asked.

"Well uhm. Grayson sorta kissed me just now in his room" I mumbled.

"He what? You slut!" She screamed and smacked me.

"Tori he kissed me! I like Clay not him! Believe me!" I yelled back.

"Ya i was joking just wanted to smack you babe... Anyways he just told me about it. Clay doesn't know yet. He said he thinks were better off friends and it didn't hurt much cause we weren't even dating." She laughed. As soon as she finished talking i smacked the shit out of her.

"Don't joke with me like that woman!" I laughed.

"Well i'm just happy right now. I like being single means i can mingle" She smiled.

"Wow i was scared to tell you cause i thought you might leave for America...." I frowned.

"I'm not leaving you babe. We go through everything together. Even if i did go back to America i'd be taken ya with me" She laughed.

"Thats good. I'm hungry" I laughed with her. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me with her back upstairs.
"Where have you two been?" Clay asked as i sat next to him.

"Girl talk babe" I smiled.
"Can i know please!!!" He begged and gave me the puppy face.

"I'll tell you in a second. Oh Tori when am i supposed to meet you know who?" I asked.

"Oh uh he wanted to come by the apartment. Is that ok?" She asked. I looked at Clay who was completely confused.

"Clay Tyler came to London and won't go away until he can see me so i'm meeting him to talk just so he will go home." I said. His face turned a red color.

"I don't want him to see you Ashley! He made you cry and he yelled at you and said mean things!" Clay screamed.

"Clay its ok i just want him to leave so i can be happy here with you" I smiled and pecked his lips.

"How can i resist now" He laughed and kissed me again. I ate my breakfast and sat with Clay and Tori awaiting the arrival of Tyler. We were watching Friends when there was a knock on the door. Here we go.....

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