My Bestfriend's Brother

A girl named Ashley has always just been the normal crazy 17 year old. What happens when she spends the night at her friend Tori's for the first time? Well she gets a crush on Tori's brother. It could be your normal crush or something more. Read to find out.


15. Deal or no deal?

I woke up to the buzzing of my phone underneath my head. I turned off the alarm. It was 4:00 in the morning of course it wasnt time for school. I set my alarm last night so i could get up and sneak back into Tori's room without her knowing i was with her brother and not her. I moved from Tyler's arms and put my pants back on. I can't stand sleeping in those! I kissed his cheek and walked back out in the hall. I tip toed back to Tori's room and slowly opened the door. I had just sat down on my bed when a light flicked on.

"Where have you been young lady?" Tori said with a serious face and a motherly voice.

"I had to pee..." I lied.

"You left at midnight dumb ass i dont think anyone takes that long of a piss...." She said still sireous.

"Well i ran into Tyler... He wanted to cuddle and yupp. So nighty night love!" I hid under the covers until she jumped on me.

"Tori get the fuck off me!" I yelled.

"Admit it you wanna sleep with him and cuddle with him!" She yelled back.

"Maybe i was cold and i just wanted a cuddle buddy!" I yelled laughing. She suddenly got off me and crawled under the covers in my bed and layed facing me.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked. She laughed and snuggled close to me.

"Said you wanted a cuddle buddy so here i am babe now lets sleep!" She yelled closing her eyes fake snoring. Durn her! She knew what i meant....

"Fine but you better not tell a soul about this!" I said and snuggled under the covers.

"Wake the fuck up bitch!!!!" Tori screamed. I leaned up and groaned.

"5 more minutes mum!" I laughed. I hid under the covers and then she attacked me again. This time tickling me. Damn woman knew all my weaknesses. I finally slapped her and quickly crawled out from under her i stood up and grabbed a baseball bat.

"TRUCE!!!" She screamed. I threw the bat down and walked over to my bags. I grabbed some skinny jeans, a long sleeved black hollister shirt and some tie dye ankle socks. I walked to the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I got dressed quickly then applied my make up. Then i brushed my teeth and went back to Tori's room.

"Your turn in the bathroom" I said as i sat down to fix my hair in front of her mirror. My hair is naturally curly so most of the time i leave it that way or i straighten it. This morning i just fixed the curls and bit and left it natural. I went downstairs to the kitchen and fixed a bowl of cereal and sat at the table scrolling through twitter as i ate.

"Morning sexy" I looked up and seen Tyler at the door. I blushed.

"Morning" I smiled.

"You werent there when i woke up" He frowned. He sat next to me and took a spoonful of my captain crunch.

"I'm sorry i woke up early to sneak back to Tori's room without getting caught and she was sitting there waiting for me so ya i was caught. I don't know where i'm sleeping tonight but who cares i gotta finish my homework right now." I laughed.

"I'll do your homework for a little something in return" He smiled.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Maybe a little bed time? Tori has soccer practice after school so she wont be here" He winked.

"I don't know Tyler.... What about your parents? We won't even have much time...." I said frowning a bit.

"They will be at work till 7:00 so were all good until Tori gets home at 6:00. Come on. I'll do all this homework just for maybe one hour of fun?" He smirked.

"Fine. I'm going to check on Tori though. So get started on my homework!" I laughed and ran upstairs. When i opened Tori's door she still wasn't in her room. I went down the hall towards the hall and heard her. I opened the door and saw her leaning over the toilet puking. I kneeled beside her and held her hair up. I tied it with the hairbow on my wrist and rubbed her back. She eventually finished and sat on the floor holding her head. I flushed the toilet for her and got a rag to wipe her mouth.

"Stay here i'll go get you some water and tell your mum your not feeling well." I said patting ehr back and getting up. She just nodded. I went back downstairs to the kitchen and saw Tyler working on my homework.

"Mind as well quit my homework. I can't give you that return favor later." I said opening the fridge.

"What why!?" He whined.

"Tori is sick so she won't be gone to soccer practice today" I said while pouring her glass. Tyler came behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

"I was really excited for after school thought" He whispered as he kissed my neck. He started licking and sucking at the weakest spot in my neck and i let out a little moan. He smirked and continued kissing at me neck and right below my ear.

"Ahem!" We both looked towards the door and saw Tori with a red face staring at us. I blushed and Tyler let go. She walked towards us and grabbed the glass of water in my hand.

"So thats why you never came back upstairs. Too busy with my brother!" She yelled and stormed off. I turned to face Tyler and he wasn't happy either.

"Let me go talk to her babe. You go on to school i think im going to skip and stay here with Tori." I pecked his lips and walked upstairs. I went into my and Tori's room and saw her facing away from the door lying on her bed. I layed next to her and tapped her shoulder.

"Tori talk to me please? What's wrong love?" I asked. She turned to face me tears in her eyes. Fuck! I feel like such a shit...

"You want to be with him and not me! Its always him! You shouldve just moved into his room because he is more important!" She bawled and dug her face into the pillow.

"Tori i made a promise to you that i would never love him more than you and im keeping that promise no matter what! I love you more than him i promise you tori! I'm not just here for him im here for you too! He just deserves my attention too ya know? I'm skipping school and staying here with you today. I have to make sure my darling is alright." I laughed and got up and tucked her in.

"Thanks Ashley. I love you kiddo" She laughed and snuggled up under the covers.

"Love you too.....Bitch..." I laughed and turned out the light and closed the door. I went downstairs to the living room and turned on the tv. Everyone was gone. Tyler was at school, and her parents were at work, and her sister was at daycare. I turned on the movie 'The Hangover Part ll" And laughed the whole time. I sat and ate chips and popcorn and drank about 6 cups of soda. I had eventually fell asleep with the popcorn on my belly.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" I screamed and opened my eyes to see Tori laughing her ass off.

"What the fuck i thought you were sick!" I yelled.

"I was but then i woke up and i felt better!" She yelled back laughing still. I laughed with her and jumped on her tackling her to the floor.

"You bitch! You scared the shit out of me!" I screamed while holding her down and laughing.

"I can't breathe get your fat ass off me woman!" She yelled.

"Never!" I said. I got off her after 20 minutes of yelling and tackling and wrestling and we sat down to watch tv.

"Tori, i wanna go to England really soon. I don't wanna wait till the end of the year..." I said turning off the tv.

"Ashley we have to finish at least high school. We only have a few more months left hang in there babe. We can make it." Tori said scooting over and hugging me.

"Tori i don't wanna stay here with your brother..." I said.

"You what? You guys are so adorable and all though? Whats wrong?" She asked.

"Tori i've fell in love before and it sucks. I don't want it to happen again especially with your brother. Who knows what could happen to our friendship. I wanna leave really soon. Can we possibly leave next week? Please? Drop out of highschool? I had wealthy grandparents who gave me and Alex all their money. I can afford us a flat and we wont even have to get jobs." I said begging.

"Fine. I'll go look for plane tickets and all. On one condition though" She said.

"Which is?" I asked.

"The day we leave me and you go to your house and you tell your family bye." She said.

"Tori no!! They will capture me and keep me locked up forever!" I yelled.

"Deal or no deal Ashley." She said.


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