Pictures Are My Life

Pictures are my life. I'm a phototgrapher. My name is Clove Evelyn Rose. I have long red-orange wavy hair and green eyes.
I have exactly 21 different camras, and they are all professional ones. My mom is a teacher, and she leaves at 6:00 in the morning and comes back at 6:00 in the evening.
I've graduated college already, I'm 20 now, and I'm done with school for the rest of my life.
And I'm about to go on the biggest adventure of my life.


3. Pictures Are My Life

My fingers ran through the broken glass, not caring if the peices jabbed into me. All I cared about was me getting my cameras back. A tall boy looked over to me, and I realized he had been the one to lose control of the ball and destroy my cameras. "I'm sorry--" He began, but I cut him off. "Save it. I'm not taking apologies, or pictures, until I have my four precious cameras back." I snarled. "But we're just kids! How are we supposed to get money to replace them?" He demanded. "That is your worry. But until I have them back, I won't be putting togehter any more of the magazine. I will take the pictures, as I already have the school booked this week, but I will not put the magazine together until I get atleast the money for two of my cameras. But, let me make it clear, I still want all of my cameras back by the end of the year." I argued. "Fine." The  boy sighed.
" What's your name?" I asked him. "Leo." He said indifferently. I rembered the name as I cleared all the broken bits of camer from my bag. I dumped them in the garbage can and sat on the bench as I closed my bag. I took my bag with me as I went to collect my other camera and charger. I tucked them in my bag and announced "I'm going home, but I may come back in an hour or so with replacements." And I left on that note.

When I arrived at my house I sighed and sat at my editing table. Despite my promises, I put together one more chunk of the magazine usng the pictures I had collected today.

I knew I had said no more magazine until I got my cameras, but I had a deadline to meet. So there I found myself, sitting at my editing table. As the magazine was printing, my professional cell phone rang, the one I used for work. "Hello, Clove of ClearPics speaking." I said once I had answered. "Hello, this is Paul Higgins, One Direction's manager. We were wondering if we could hire you for a magazine." Said the man, Paul, on the other line. "Umm, yes I am availible for  magazine." I said. "Great. By any chance, do you do filming too?" Paul asked. "Yes, I do." "Well, we were wondering if you could film a movie for us. Do you do 3D?" He asked. "Well, yes I do." As I spoke, I heard five screams of joy in the backround, and I realized that I was on speaker phone, and One Direction were listening.

Paul told me an adress and a date, which happened to be in two hours, and bid me a good day. I hung up and phoned the school. "I am potponing my gym photoo shoot. My cameras were broken and I am delaying until I get them back." I explained to the secretary. She said ok, and I hung up.

I got my big giant camera bag and packed ten cameras into it, plus my movie filmimg camera, and my high tech laptop. I pulled my closet open and found a white wool cardigan, and slipping it on, I walked over to my clock and saw I had to be there in an hour and a half.

I put both my cell phones in my big bag, and I went downstairs. I ate a bowl of cereal and a French Vanilla coffee from my Tassimo machine. I looked out my back window and saw a light rain was starting to drizzle down. I decided to head out in case roads were getting bad.

I closed my car door behind me and enjoyed the bursts of warm air from the heater as I programmed my GPS. I said the drive would probably last half an hour. But who knows how long it would be if it started pouring. Better to be early than to be late.

And the ride did only last about half an hour, to my dismay. Since I had shown up an hour early they would probably assume that I was one of those die hard fans who couldn't resist meeting them. But I wasn't. They were normal boys after all, right? They are still humans, and no human deserves so much attention, so I was determined to treat them as I would any other client.

But as the door opened after my knocking, and a blonde Irish boy said "Oh, are you Clove? Yea, you're the photographer who's gonna make us the magazine, and 1D-3D, right?", I started to wonder if that would even be possible.

"Yup, that's me." I said. "I'm Niall......." I didn't listen as he introduced everyone, I already knew their names, so what was the point?

Paul led me to a big room, different colour drpes layed against walls, and different props lying around. Paul explained how he wanted this done, and left, saying "I'll let you set to it." He cloed the door behind him and I unpacked all my eqipment. "Okay, so which canopy do you want to use first?" I asked. "Well, we coud use the blank one over there." Liam suggested, pointing to a bare space in the corner. "Okay, so you know your poses and themes, and props, so how about you get those ready, and I'll do some adjustments." I offered. "Okay." They all agreed.

We set to work, and soon I saw why everyone loved them so much, the were simply charming and polite. And easy to fall in love with.


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