Pictures Are My Life

Pictures are my life. I'm a phototgrapher. My name is Clove Evelyn Rose. I have long red-orange wavy hair and green eyes.
I have exactly 21 different camras, and they are all professional ones. My mom is a teacher, and she leaves at 6:00 in the morning and comes back at 6:00 in the evening.
I've graduated college already, I'm 20 now, and I'm done with school for the rest of my life.
And I'm about to go on the biggest adventure of my life.


2. Pictures Are My Life

The next day I woke up after getting plenty of sleep. Too much sleep. It was already 11am. I had two three hour clases to shhot, and one started at noon, and the school was twenty minutes away.

I jumped out of bed and dove right into my shower, quickly getting through it. I messily blow dried my hair and quickly put it into a beautiful french braid. I pulled on some black leggings and dark green silk top. I opened my closet and pulled out a pair of black soft zip up boots. I grabbed my makeup bag and, after grabbing the bag with five cameras I had prepaed last night, I ran downstairs. I didn't bother with breakfast, I could get something from Tim's later.

When I arrived at the school at 11:50, I pulled out my makeup and quickly applied it, going easy on well, everything, I brushed on some dark green eyeshadow. I grabbed my cameras and jacket, and leapt ot of my car, running into the school.

I literally ran into the office and grabbed a visitor's pass, running to the gym as I pulled it over my head. When I burst through the gym door,a crowd of kids ran over to me. "Can we see the magazine so far? Please please, please?" A few asked. "Do I look handsome and athletic?" One boy screamed to me from the back of the mob. "You'll all get to see it when it's all done, and I publish it. And you guys wil al get a free copy of it, and you can ask me for extras if you want one for a friend. Limit of five magazines per person." I decided.

The kids left, and I pulled a notepad and pen out of my bag. I set it down on a bench and declared "Everyone write down your name here, and how many extras you want. Limit of five per person, that inlcudes the magazine I give you for free." As soon as I finished speaking, the whole class charged to the notepad and struggled to get to the front. All except the shy blonde girl.

"I'm Laura. I don't see the big deal of getting there first. They're all airheads. Except those four." She said, pointing to four other girls who all waved. "They're Emma, Jannette, Lealle and Anette. They're my bestfriends." She said. Clove, a girl with bright red hair and brown eyes, came over to join us. "Hello, I'm Anette." She introduced. "I'm Clove." I said. "She's my absolute BFF." Laura declared. I smiled and Anette and Laura joined their posse again.

After all the students got the notead, the class prepared for basketball. They were again divided into red and blue, keeping the same teams from last time. Anette and Laura were they shy ones, hesitating before catching the ball, hanging back slightly.

I sat there the whole time taking ictures, until their teacher came over to me. "I'm Ms.Morris. But you can call me Primrose." She said. "I'm Clove. Nice to meet you." I said. "So, how's the magazine going?" She asks. "Pretty good." I pull out the first part of the magazine from my bag and show her, taking care not to let the students see.

Primrose stuck her pencil into her blonde bun and leafed through the magazine. "Nice," She said, handing it back to me. I put it away and continued with the pictures.

To some people, three hours of taking pitures spelled B-O-R-E-D-O-M, but to me it spelled E-X-H-I-L-A-R-A-T-I-N-G.

And I was still pumped, ready for more, as the next class filed in. They had Primrose for their gym teacher too, so there was no one else I had to introduce myself to. I started clicking away at the camera button as soon as the ball hit the floor in the first dribble.

This class ws so full of excitement, so energetic that it was hard to get clear shots of them, but I enjoyed the challenge. There was one boy who moved so fast with the ball that almost every picture I took of him was blurred and confusing.

My camera flashed it's low battery signal, so I went to plug it into the only outlet, which was in the equipment room. When I walked back out, the game was inching over to my camera bag, which still contained 4 cameras. As I was running over to retrive my bag, the ball bounced away from a player and came crashing down on my bag. I heard glass crunching, and I screamed "NO!"

I ran over to my bag and opened it. My four precious cameras were ruined. The lenses were smashed and shattered to a million tiny peices, and the screens were dented and broken.

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