Little Secrets.

Fan fiction about Niall and Harry mainly, will have a lot of dirty bits in it - just to warn you ;) About a girl called Anna who is going on holiday with her best friend Chloe and the boys (Chloe is Niall's cousin) Things get a bit complicated... and little secrets start to from and build up into something a lot bigger...

If you love one direction as much as I do.... then please read these and tell me what you think...


6. Truth or Dare?

What was I doing? I knew I loved Niall.. I had for a long time. But Harry was so mysterious, I wasnt sure what it was but I was really attracted to it. Its like I am drawn to Harry.

Harry and I walked a few steps down the hall utill we got to Niall and Zayns door. I looked up at Harry and he gave me a kiss on the forehead before opening and holding the door open for me.

As soon as I walked in I saw Niall's face light up, he scooched over on the couch he was sitting on - signaling for me to sit next to him; so I did. The rest of the boys sat at our feet on the floor, in a circle. They were playing spin the bottle. and were deep in conversation. Chloe wasnt there, I gathered she had gone to her grandmothers who only lived down the road from here with her mum.

'Hey, beautiful.' Niall whispered in deep voice, close to my ear. I looked up to him and gave him a sneaky kiss on the lips - no one saw, but I could tell Harry was suspicious.

'I missed you' I told him as we cuddled up under a warm blaket, only our shoulders up were showing, so I was able to put one of my hands up Nialls shirt without any one noticing, it turned him on a bit, I letf my hand relaxed on his warm chest for most of the time.

'Okay.. Louis, truth or dare?' Liam asked

'Dare!' He shouted while banging his chest like king kong - me and Niall both giggled.

'Alright, I dare you to.... erm, kiss Anna on the lips!' He replied. Every one looked up at me, Louis stood up and walked over to me.. I could feel Niall tensing up. I looked down at Harry who was looking at the floor - he didn't look up untill Louis had kissed me.. The kiss was alright.. nothing spectacular.

'Anna... Truth or dare?' Zayn aksed me.

'Um.. Dare' I said before grinning... I knew I was probably going to regret this, but I didnt really care.

'I dare you do get off with Harry...' He said, grinning back at me. I immediatly looked up at Niall while all the other boys were laughing.

'Its k, babe.' He said bluntly, I could tell he was really upset. But I had to do it.

I got up of the couch and walked over to Harry who was sitting on the floor with his legs spread apart. I straddled him and started to kiss him.

I felt his tongue slide over my bottom lip, requesting entry, I let him explore my mouth with his tongue just like I did to him. His lips were soft and I could taste the faint taste of minty chewing gum in his breath. He placed his large hands on my back and ran them down my body and stoped on my hips, I could hear the boys in the background giggling and taunting Niall.

Harry pushed down on my hip which indecated that he wanted me to start ginding on him, so I did. I could feel something hard growing in his trousers, so I stopped. I was about to stand up.. but Harry pulled me back down and made me continue what I was previously doing, his deep, raspy moans were drowned out by the kissing.. I continued to grind on him until Louis interupted..

'Alright Harry.. I think thats enough.' He said as he placed his hand on Harry shoulder. I stood up, gave Harry a quick wink to let him know he could have more later, and sat back over on the couch with Niall.

They boys resumed to tease Harry and started to be silly. This gave me a chance to talk to Niall quickly.

He looked down at me .. 'I wish that had been me you were grinding on..' He said with a disapointed face.

'I think youre going to have plenty of that if you can get them out of your room..' I said giving him a cheeky wink. Niall smirked at me and started to talk to the boys.

'I think thats enough now lads, getting a bit tired..' He said as he showed every one to the door. As he did, I quickly talked to Harry before he left.

'Niall wants me to stay.. I think we will end up doing something, Harry'

'Its okay, give him what he wants, Ill be waiting for my turn when you get back - we can continue where we left off..' he winked at me and leant his head down to kiss me on the forehead.

He walked out the door.

'Zayn.. can I talk to you for a second.. In the bathroom' Niall said as he closed the door.

'Yeah.. sure' They were in there for about five minutes.. Then Zayn came bursting out the door saying:

'Enjoy your irish dick!!'

I just giggled and slammed the door behind him. Niall had obviously explained everything to him.

'He wont tell anyone, right?' I asked Niall who was slowly walking over to me

'Nah, Id trust him with my life..'  'Now, come here beautiful.' He whispered as he held his arms out to me..

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