Little Secrets.

Fan fiction about Niall and Harry mainly, will have a lot of dirty bits in it - just to warn you ;) About a girl called Anna who is going on holiday with her best friend Chloe and the boys (Chloe is Niall's cousin) Things get a bit complicated... and little secrets start to from and build up into something a lot bigger...

If you love one direction as much as I do.... then please read these and tell me what you think...


12. The punishment

It was getting late and we were still all down by the beach, we were all sitting together and I was cuddled up with Niall as it was getting colder. I could tell Harry was getting impatient and adgitated about me being with Niall.

'I recon we should call it a night, guys' Louis said as he stretched his arms out.

'Yeah.. Im going in now.' Harry said as he gave a lustful stare. Niall helped me up and we walked into the house together, I gave him a quick kiss on the lips while Harry was infront of us.

I stood outside Nialls door while every one else, including Harry went into their own rooms. Niall ran his long fingers through my hair and stared down into my eyes. He smiled at me and placed his soft lips against mine.

He pulled away.. 'Anna.. If I keep kissing you I wont be able to stop myself' He said as he ran his fingers through his hair and look at the floor. I giggled and kissed him on the cheek.

'I love you, princess' He said as I walked to my room.

'I love you too' I whispered. I made a heart with my hands before opening the door and leaving him.

As soon as I opened the door it was slammed violently behind me. Harry ripped my clothes off before I even got the chance to talk.

'No noise, Anna, or your punishment will be longer.' He whispered into my ear, his warm breaths falling over my skin as he left large, purple love bites on my neck. After he stripped me naked, he threw me onto the bed and quickly walked over to the door an dlocked it.

'Youre going to be numb in the morning.' Thats the last thing I remember him acctually saying to me, the rest was just load, deep, long moans coming from the both of us.

His long, strong arm was streched over me as he held the head board with one hand, the other clasped breast. I remember screaming loudly as he thrusted into me for the first time, sending sharp sparks of pain riddling through my body. He kissed my lips to drown out the louder moans. The rest was just pure pleasure. He left love bites all over my clean body. The veins in his hands and neck were showing. After he had cum inside me, he made me lick the rest of his dick. We fell asleep in the cool sheets, with my head on his large, strong chest listening to his fast heart beat.



~~~Authors note - Sorry its short. This is the last chapter of them being on holiday. You need to leave a comment saying either Niall or Harry. Its up to you how the story ends. <3 Annnnd... the boys won a BRIT award tonight! yay! <3~~~


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