Little Secrets.

Fan fiction about Niall and Harry mainly, will have a lot of dirty bits in it - just to warn you ;) About a girl called Anna who is going on holiday with her best friend Chloe and the boys (Chloe is Niall's cousin) Things get a bit complicated... and little secrets start to from and build up into something a lot bigger...

If you love one direction as much as I do.... then please read these and tell me what you think...


18. Please

I smiled back at him and he looked at the floor. Louis walked in and put the teas on the table.
'Guys, I'm really sorry but I have to got pick El up.. Ill catch you later, Anna.' He said as he quickly grabbed his car keys and left.
It was just me and Harry now. How awkward. He moved over and sat next to me, he stared into my eyes.
'Can I kiss you?' He asked as he leaned towards my face and pressed his warm lips agains mine.
It felt so good to kiss him. I started to kiss him deeper.
'Mm, Harry, I can't' I whispered as I broke the kiss and push my hands against his strong chest.
'Babe, what's up?' He asked as he frowned at me.
'Um.. Niall..he um..' I slowly said.
'What about Niall?'
'He proposed, Harry'
His eyes widen as he let it sink in.
'Wh-what did you say..?' He asked, he couldn't look me in the eyes.
'I said yes'
'Oh right, ok, well, that's fine, congratulations' he said as he smiled at me and stood up.
'Harry, don't be like this'
'It fine. Anna.'
'Are you okay?'
'Not really, the girl I love is getting married to my best friend' he said as he ran his fingers through is curly hair. I looked up at him and saw him staring at me.
'Just once more, Anna please?'
'What Harry?'
'Let me show you how much I love you just once?'
'Harry what do you mean?'
'Let me make love to you...babe, please. Just one more time'
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