Little Secrets.

Fan fiction about Niall and Harry mainly, will have a lot of dirty bits in it - just to warn you ;) About a girl called Anna who is going on holiday with her best friend Chloe and the boys (Chloe is Niall's cousin) Things get a bit complicated... and little secrets start to from and build up into something a lot bigger...

If you love one direction as much as I do.... then please read these and tell me what you think...


32. Oh My God


Was she pregnant? This was so nerve wracking. I don't know if I am ready to be a dad yet. I'm still in the band, and I can't leave it. 

I sat on the bed and waited for her to call me in. I was so nervous. It would be amazing if she was, but at the same time, I don't know what I would do...

So many things were rushing through my head. I didn't know what to think. I couldn't wipe this bug smile of my face though. 

I was so lucky to have Anna. We were going to get married soon, and maybe have a baby. everything was going so fats.

I honestly didn't think I would be the first band member to go through this... wow.




I closed my eyes.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to look. I called Niall in.

''Niall.. Come here..''

''What? What does it say?!'' He asked in a excited voice, he appeared at the doorway

''I don't know, I haven't looked, you tell me.'' I passed the test to Niall with out looking at it. I was scared. Crap. Crap. Crap.

I saw Niall looking closely at it. Then he took the instructions that I had put on the side of the sink to see what the colors meant.

He looked up at me and smiled. Oh no.

''Its blue, babe... positive'' Hes said.. His eyes wide and he had a huge grin on his face. I smiled back. 

Oh my god. 

''Oh my god!!'' I exclaimed as I jumped up and down and ran over to Niall and leaped into his arms. He held me tightly against his body.

''Are you going to take the other ones, princess?'' He asked, and kissed me on the cheek after every word.

''Yeah, alright... Ill be right out..'' I said as I urged him out the room.

Oh no. I was pregnant. Well, at least i was getting married. At least the kid would have a proper dad. 

But.. What if Im not marring the dad. What if Harry was the father. Shit. 

What have I done. I started to feel sick. But not in an ill way. In a guilt, anxious way.

I had to let this go for now. I would sort it out with Harry later.

I shook the worrying thoughts out of my head. Before I took the next tests I cleaned my teeth. I wanted to kiss Niall.

I took the last tests...


''Yes, beautiful?'' He said with the most massive smile on his cute, tired face.

''Im pregnant'' I replied, my voice was high pitched, I felt really happy.

''Anna! I love you! This is amazing!'' He exclaimed as he picked me up and spun me around.

''I've cleaned my teeth by the way..'' I whispered softly into his ear.

''Come closer then..'' He whispered back in a deep, raspy, Irish voice. He was so sexy when he was tired.

I looked into his eyes. They were full of excitement, joy and love. But I could see he was tired. 

My lips were about to touch his, but before they did I playfully pushed him onto the bed and collapsed on top of him. 

I pressed my lips against his warm, soft lips. We began kissing in perfect rhythm, both our tongues fighting for dominance.

The kiss lasted for about seven minutes before we both broke it to catch out breath.

''I love you so, so much Anna'' He whispered

''I love you too Niall'' We both laid there, staring into each others eyes. Eventually, we both fell asleep.

Tomorrow was going to be interesting.




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