Little Secrets.

Fan fiction about Niall and Harry mainly, will have a lot of dirty bits in it - just to warn you ;) About a girl called Anna who is going on holiday with her best friend Chloe and the boys (Chloe is Niall's cousin) Things get a bit complicated... and little secrets start to from and build up into something a lot bigger...

If you love one direction as much as I do.... then please read these and tell me what you think...


15. Beautifully Perfect

I was in shock..  I knew Niall loved me a lot.. But I had no idead he had intensions of marrying me... If I said yes to Naill, Harry had to be out of the picture. He had to be.

Did I want to spend the rest of my life with Niall? Yes. Of course I did; I loved him with all my heart.

'Yes, Niall! Of Course!' I said as a tear fell down my cheek. He grinned, he was so happy. He was speachless. He took out the silver ring that had small diamonds in it, I loved it, he knew what I liked. Simple.

'Naill, Its beautiful..' I said as I stared at the ring on my finger.

'Like you then..' He said as we both stood up and hugged each other. We were both so happy.

'Babe, I promise that I will love you matter what, I will treat you like princess. You are so beautifully perfect to me, I love you so much.' He whispered into my ear in his gorgeous Irish accent. That has to be the most lovliest thing any one has ever said to me. I did love Niall.

'Youre going to make me cry, Ni, I love you so much too.. ' I said before I kissed his lips. The kiss got deeper and deeper, our tongues met and stroked over each other. I put my hands on either said of Nialls face bringing him closer, making the kiss deeper. I bit his lower lip playfully, he pulled away a little and started to kiss down my cheek bone and onto my neck, I let out a small, quiet chuckle as his hair tickled my cheek. He broke the kiss, I could feel his teeth moving across my skin from where I had made him smile.

'Lets go home' He whispered. I nodded, we packed up all the stuff and walked to the car holding hands.

We got in the car and we were talking about everything... How much we loved each other, the highlights of our relationship so far.

We both went straight to the bedroom. Niall quickly stripped down to his boxers and jumped into bed. I took my time getting unchanged. I slipped off my dress and grabbed one of Nialls tees. Just before I went to unhook my bra I looked up and noticed Niall was staring at me, biting his lower lip. I smiled at him and turned my back to him while I took my bra off. He whined a little knowing that I was teasing him. I turned off the lights and the room became dark with a little bit of moonlight creeping through the curtains.

I heard Niall getting out of bed and starting to walk over to me. I was completely still, then I felt his large, warm hands against my waist as he pushed me against the wall. He kissed me hard. His lips trailed off and started kissing my jawline right up to my ear. I let our a fast breath as it was turning me on and he knew it...

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