Bella is walking down an ally in Forks, Washington when she meets a boy named Jacob Black. She was worried he was a rapist at first, but when she saw him she remembered him from her childhood. They start hanging out; then they fall in love. Well Bella then finds out what he is, she gets freaked out.


1. The Ally

  The ally was dark and damp. I heard a second pair of footsteps following behind me, and they were coming up fast. A tall boy about 16 came up behind me, "Ah!" I gasped. "Oh, sorry I didn't mean to scare you," he said, "I was just looking for somebody, and I thought you were them." He said simply. "It's okay. You know what? You look very familiar." I said to him. "Well," he said studding me, " so do you. Whats your name?" "Bella. Well it's actually Isabella, but I prefer Bella." " Bella. Hmm, sounds very familiar. Whats your last name?" He asked me in one of those voices that say why-do-you-look-so-familiar-but-I-can't-remember-you voices. " My last whole name is Isabella Swan." " Oh my gosh Bella! It's me, Jacob Black your best friend." "Jacob! Oh my god you look all grown up.  How old are you  now?" "Sixteen." He said proudly. Wow, who knew a boy could look so proud with a baby-like face? "Ah well your catching up to me." I said, but soon regretted it when he frowned. "How old are you again?" "Oh, I'm seventeen. Don't worry, that's just a year older than you." I said trying to cheer him up.

   "Okay." He said starting to smile again. "Hey Bella I got some questions. Why are you out here by yourself, where's Charlie, and when did you get here?" His questions took me by surprise oh well I'm out here alone because I'm lost, Charlie's at his house asleep I'm guessing, and I got here about three hours ago." I said. "Oh well do you need somebody to walk you home 'cause I'm free for walking." "Okay I guess you can." I sighed exasperated. Then we started on our way.

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