Ninja Girl

Alex is a normal girl living in the land of Ninjago. She has a large amount of potential. Alex was separated from her parents and brother when she was thirteen. After she was separated from them she took lessons in self defense. Then Alex traveled around for a while. On Alex's eighteenth birthday, she is giving an opportunity to join the best ninja team in Ninjago. Will she take the opportunity, or stay a normal kid?


8. Chapter 7: The Attack Plan

When we got to the monastery Uncle was waiting at the door. He greeted us and we went inside. Nya said she had something to tell us. We gathered around the table. "What is it Nya?" Jay asked. “When the serpentine had me I could hear what they were saying through the air vents," she said. "Really? What did they say?" Kai questioned. "I heard them say they were going to attack Ninjago City tomorrow night," she explained. "Then they said something about attacking the one whom released them." "Who released them?" I asked. Uncle looked at me and said, "Your brother, Lloyd."

To be continued...

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