Ninja Girl

Alex is a normal girl living in the land of Ninjago. She has a large amount of potential. Alex was separated from her parents and brother when she was thirteen. After she was separated from them she took lessons in self defense. Then Alex traveled around for a while. On Alex's eighteenth birthday, she is giving an opportunity to join the best ninja team in Ninjago. Will she take the opportunity, or stay a normal kid?


6. Chapter 5: Rescue

Jay looked angry. I could tell that he liked Nya. He was just upset that the serpentine had kidnapped her. We all looked at each other again. "Come now," Uncle said, "We must find a way to get Nya back." We all gathered at the table. I was kinda unsure of everything that was happening. I know the serpentine came for their staff but why take Nya? Was she where the staff was? I didn't understand. After a moment of silence, I looked up. "Do we need a plan? Why can't we just attack the Hypnobrai right now?" Jay question. "For one we don't know where they are," Cole answered. "Well then let's find out where they're hideout is and attack," Kai replied. "You will not just attack. You must sneak in and rescue Nya," Uncle said. Cole looked at me and said, "Alex you should probably stay here. You're new to this and need a little more training." "Cole I'll be fine," I replied.  "What if we get into a trouble? The serpentine that just attacked was only a small proportion."  "Cole I can handle myself in a fight." "Well still..." "Cole... I'm going." That was that. We started out to find where the serpentine's HQ was. We were basically walking in circles for an hour looking around. Eventually we did find it. When we got there we huddled for a plan. "Okay, so first thing is we split up. Zane and Jay, Alex and Kai, and I'll go alone," Cole said. "I think I'd prefer to go alone," Kai said. "I agree. I'll go with anyone really, except Kai," I agreed."Guys just get along for one mission," Cole said. "No promises," I replied. We headed out. We went through the three different entrances. Kai and I went through the right entrance. We started down a tunnel. "I can't believe I'm stuck with you," Kai said. "I mean of all people!" "Shhhhh!" I hushed him. "Don't shush me," he replied. Then I heard something coming. It was heading straight toward us. I stopped dead in my tracks. I looked around. I guess Kai noticed too because he got my attention and pointed up. I saw a vent and we climbed into it. We watched as the snakes walked by. Then we jumped back down and started walking a little more. At some point we came across a door to our left. "What do you think's in there?" Kai asked. "Good question," I replied. "I'm going to find out." "Whatever. You can't get in anyways," he said. I looked around. I saw another air vent and jumped up and opened it. Kai just stood there with his arms crossed. He was waiting for me to make a mistake. I jumped into the vent and quietly went to the room. When I got to the next opening I looked down and saw Nya. The room wasn't that big. I went to open the vent but it wouldn't budge. If only I had a weapon. Then I sensed someone coming. I figured it was Kai so I went to ask him for his sword. As I turned around I felt someone put a hand around my mouth. Then I knew that it wasn't Kai behind me. It was a serpentine.

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