Ninja Girl

Alex is a normal girl living in the land of Ninjago. She has a large amount of potential. Alex was separated from her parents and brother when she was thirteen. After she was separated from them she took lessons in self defense. Then Alex traveled around for a while. On Alex's eighteenth birthday, she is giving an opportunity to join the best ninja team in Ninjago. Will she take the opportunity, or stay a normal kid?


5. Chapter 4: Attack

The snake got closer, too close for comfort. I knew I had to fight to get out. I jumped onto the snake’s head and leaped over a couple others. Then I knocked a few down. After that something strange happened. I can only describe it as a vortex surrounding me. It was like the world slowed down for me. I was able to get through the crowd of snakes and I ran. I realized that uncle chose me for a reason. I really did have potential. About halfway to the monastery, I sensed the snakes following. I looked around for a way to lose them. I ran ahead a little and then jumped in the trees. My karate background helped me stay balanced while running in the trees. When I got to the monastery I ran up the long steps and through the door. The ninja were all training. "Alex!" Cole exclaimed. "What happened? Are you okay?" I caught my breath and said, "I'm fine it's just… The Hypnobrai are–" Kai cut me off, "Hypnobrai? Aren't the serpentine just an old wives tale?" I shook my head. They all looked at each other. "Tell us what happened," Zane said. I explained what happened. Then they all thought for a moment. "Also," I added, "I want to become a ninja." They all looked at me shocked. I just smiled though. Then uncle came out. He walked over to me. "I'm glad you've decided to become a ninja," he said. He then left for a second and brought back a box. It had some kind of head with dueling swords on it. I opened it up and there was a pink ninja suit inside. "You are officially the pink ninja," he said. "Cool!" I said. I ran into the bathroom and changed. I have to admit, I looked pretty awesome in my new ninja suit. Especially because I loved hot pink. In all the excitement I forgot why I came back to the monastery. Maybe if I had remembered… Skales busted in through the doors with his army. "What are they doing here?" Jay screamed. My eyes got wide. I noticed the others got in a fighting position. I got ready too. My only problem was I don't carry around weapons. All I had to fight with was my fists, which wasn't good. Then the serpentine attacked. A few came over to me, lucky for me one was carrying a sythe. I jumped over him and grabbed the sythe when he turned around. I knocked all the serpentine that were near me down. Next thing I knew one of the snakes yelled, "Retreat." They all left. Then the ninja and I regrouped. Uncle walked over and joined us. "What were they here for?" Cole asked. "I sense they came for their staff," Zane replied. Uncle looked around and then signaled Kai to come with him. They left and we all looked at each other. Then Kai and Uncle Whu came back out. "Nya's gone!" Kai exclaimed.

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