Ninja Girl

Alex is a normal girl living in the land of Ninjago. She has a large amount of potential. Alex was separated from her parents and brother when she was thirteen. After she was separated from them she took lessons in self defense. Then Alex traveled around for a while. On Alex's eighteenth birthday, she is giving an opportunity to join the best ninja team in Ninjago. Will she take the opportunity, or stay a normal kid?


1. Introduction: Alex's Life

My name is Alex and I'm just a regular teen. Well sort of, I kinda have a special ability. I'm able to use any kind of weapon. I was trained with dueling swords which are two halves of the same weapon, but if you give me a different weapon like a knunchuck, I could use it perfectly in less than a second. Funny thing is, I've never even held a knunchuck before. Anyway, I also have an incredible power. I can cut through solid steel with my swords. It's kinda cool, I guess. Well, that's basically my life. Although, I left out the part about my family. There's not much to say, my dad left my mom, brother, and I when I was about twelve. The when I was thirteen my mom dropped my brother off at some kind of boys home and left me with my uncle. My uncle taught me a little self defense, but then he said there was something important he had to do. He sent me to a dojo and I stayed there for a few months and then I ran away. That's when I discovered my powers. Now I'm seventeen and turning eighteen soon. This is where my story begins.

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