Little White Lies

A chilling romance about a girl who meets a charming boy, who seems to be great when it comes to making conversation, but when it comes to telling the truth, secrets shall be kept. Will she be able to break through his lies and find his inner truth?


2. What to do now...?

After leaving school, I got a job at a very posh restaurant. It was fancy, elegant and the number of visitors increased each day. It was called 'The Golden Rush' and had been running since 1983. It originally began as a Japanese cafe in Japan and as the business grew bigger, the owner had no choice but to move it to a more popular country. I needed a job somewhere I could earn an adequate amount of money and living 8 blocks away from the restaurant, which is basically 2, 10 minute bus journeys away, I needed another form of transport to get there. So, I started to save part of my wages and I am currently holding £498 in my bank so far. Shouldn't be long until I can purchase my shiny black car which I have dreamed of buying for years but never had the money as well as the licence!

However, this job would suit me more than Elton John's glasses suited him. I have been working here for nearly 2 years now and I have seen some quite picky customers. Some 'not having anything that doesn't have the word WATER in it' customers and some very hungry customers that would eat a horse if we served it. I mean come on, it is an all you can buffet yeah, but do you really need to take the whole buffet or can you share?!

****** Current Day ******

"Excuse me, you're blocking my light!" Trying to keep my tone very calm.

"Well, maybe you should pay more attention to your customers than your nails." The stranger had a very deep yet sexy voice. I looked up and saw a VERY handsome boy with brown curly hair, green eyes that shone like emeralds and a very sexy woolly coat that you just immediately wanted to get inside of and hug the life out of him.

"Oh, sorry sir. Table for one?" I tried to sound more polite than cheeky.

"Actually, I came here because I need a job, as a waiter. You see, I told my parents that I was a waiter for a very posh restaurant and this is the only decent one I could find. Are you the manager?"

"Do I look like the manager to you? No, he isn't in today, but I could let you stay for today and then see how well you do?"

"Fine. But I refuse to wash, dry and put away. I will collect plates and that's that." I could tell he wasn't changing his mind, so I went along with it.

"Fine. This way." I handed him an apron and told him to start taking peoples orders. He handled it pretty well and made it through the night.


It was the end of my shift and I was getting ready to close up the restaurant, when I heard someone talking in the back room. I peered my head round the kitchen door and saw him standing there holding his phone to his ear with one hand and packing things into his bag with another. Trying not to be nosy, I came away from the door and stood behind it, trying not to make it obvious that I was carefully listening to his conversation. It sounded serious and he was clearly trying to end the phone call by making excuses that he urgently had to leave. He put the phone down and shoved it to the bottom of his bag. Swinging his coat over his shoulders he picked up his bag and came out of the kitchen. I scurried over to a table and sat down, pretending to look busy.

"I am gonna head off. Thanks for today." He headed for the door when I immediately offered to give him a lift home, totally oblivious to the fact I didn't have a car, with my mind concentrating on other things like his luscious brown curls swaying as he walked.

"Let me take you home. I'm sure your legs must be tired, what with all the walking back and forth, taking peoples orders." Trying not to sound desperate.

"Thanks but I would rather walk."

"Well, wait up. I'll walk with you, I only live a few blocks away." Ha! What was I thinking...?!

Grabbing my bag with one hand, I shoved my coat onto my shoulders and locked the restaurant.

"Where is it you live?" He asked me as he turned his GORGEOUS face my way.

"Just a few blocks away." I tried to make it obvious I wasn't lying.

"Well, if you would like, I will be happy to walk you all the way, just in case you get scared."

I was trying really hard not to blush. "Well, it is kind of dark. Sure, what could go wrong?"

He smiled at me, showing his dimples in his freckle free cheeks. I was literally in heaven with a very SEXY angel!!!


We arrived at my house and as I stepped towards the door, I said the most awkward sentence ever...!

"Well, you can go now. This is where I live, my house. My homely home." Oh My Gosh!!! What just came out of my mouth??!!

"Haha, okay. I'll see you tomorrow hopefully." He looked down at me, his eyes shining like candle lights. Giving me a pat on the arm, he made his way out of the garden and down the street. I lent against the door and slid down onto my bum. I felt like I had just been on an amazing journey into outer space and nothing mattered anymore....!




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