Little White Lies

A chilling romance about a girl who meets a charming boy, who seems to be great when it comes to making conversation, but when it comes to telling the truth, secrets shall be kept. Will she be able to break through his lies and find his inner truth?


1. Intro.

Iv'e been through plenty of boyfriends and I can tell you now, they aren't as good as you think. Take my current ex-boyfriend Barry for instance. Things were going well and I started to think he was the one, until he went behind my back and booked a spontaneous trip to Hawaii to visit a "friend" he had over there. Being a total idiot and believing this story, I encouraged him to go, totally oblivious to the fact that there wasn't a "friend" at all. He had met a hula girl on some dirty chat up line and arranged to meet up with her and, well, you know... lets just say they were eager enough to book a very large king sized bed. So, when I found out about this HORRIFIC tragedy, I didn't waste any time sharing a few pictures across the web to some very important people. Yeah... I sent his mum and dad a picture of him naked, trying to suck his own dick! Trust me, it was worth it!

Anyway, back to me! My name is Rachel, but everyone calls me Rae. I am 5'9, I have long, curly brown hair, very neatly polished finger nails and the most annoying parents in the whole entire world!!! When it comes to clothes shopping and I offer, very nicely to take my mum with me, it becomes a Gok Fashion Show! Seriously, she would pick out the most sluttiest tops you have ever seen, skinny jeans that would make a stick insect look anorexic and heels as tall as skyscrapers!

"You need to look your best if you want to attract the opposite sex. I'm sure after Barry you would at least try and make an effort?!" She talks to me like I'm a 20 year old woman trying to find a man and force him to be with me...!!!

"Mum, will you PLEASE just for once in your life, let me get on with my life and not interfere!?" I know exactly what her answer will be... 'Blah Blah Blah, boys want this, boys would like to have some of this...'

"What would your father think if he knew his little angel had to be on her own for the rest of her life...?"

"I'm 18 years old... I think I have plenty of time to sort out my life, thank you very much..."

Speaking of fathers, my dad was such a plonker when it came to boys. Oh no! Not the protective sort of father figure that gave every single one of my boyfriends a lecturing and always used the phrase, 'Keep your hands to yourself!' He would stand just about an inch away from the pathetic boys face and say this...'

"How big is it?" I mean, OH MY GOSH! You would think that he would leave me to ask THAT question and every time he said it, I knew exactly what he meant, my boyfriend knew exactly what he meant, HE knew exactly what he meant and still he lets it slip out of his sour little mouth!!! Imagine your father saying that on your first date with a guy, a very handsome yet charming guy. Ugh  I love my parents deep, deep, oh very deep down, but sometimes I just want to rip their heads off and kick them down 20 flights of stairs! At least Izzy doesn't have to put up with them for a long time!

Who is Izzy you ask? Well my little unicorn, I am glad you did! Isabelle, or Izzy as she likes to be called is my little sister. She is currently 11 years old, but acts 21. She has medium blonde hair that is always very neatly straightened, clothes from nearly every fashion designer you could think of and a huge bag of make-up that is and always will be in her very stylish Louis Vuitton purse! The very purse I had begged for since I was 13 years old!

She is the best sister I could have ever asked for but can be a little brat when she has her moments. Take last Christmas for example. She had been blackmailing me for quite a few weeks because she knew I had saved up enough money to buy the jumper she had seen in her favorite shop and had fallen in love with it all of a sudden. Now that she knew I had the money, she had taken a picture of me asleep with a very bad spot on my face that was as red as a baboons bum and threatened to post it all over her twitter profile if I didn't get her the jumper. I knew that she was serious about it but I wasn't willing to waste all my money on something that she could easily save up for herself. So, when Christmas Eve came around, I casually wandered into her bedroom whilst she was out last minute shopping with mum and snooped through every single draw, cupboard, nuck and cranny and eventually found the photo. I left a tiny note on her pillow that read:

'Come into my room and take a picture of me sleeping again and I will shave off each of your eyebrows and show the photo of you wearing your Cinderella outfit to all of your friends. Love'

I am such a nice sister, I know. It went according to plan and when she finally opened the present from me, which she left for last, she found a gift voucher and book about how to keep your diary safe. Yes, I snooped through that too. Heehee.

Anyway, back to boys...!

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