Running through my head

Stephanie has always been a loyal girlfriend to he boyfriend, Niall horan but when Louis shows her all the finer things in life, she starts to fall for him and Niall starts to get jelous. Who will she choose?


18. Stephanie

"Louis?" I called down the hall. "Making breakfast" he called. I walked in the kitchen to see him flipping pancakes. "Do you want some help?" I laughed. "I'm good babe" he smiled "I woke up alone and got scared" I said Louis gave a light chuckle. "Where are the other boys?" I asked "they went to Bradford for the weekend" he responded. "Oh. So were alone for the weekend?" I asked again. He nodded. We ate our pancakes and we watched tv on the couch. Louis pulled me close and I turned on Glee. It was my favorite show. I sang along to some of the songs. When night came, Louis sang me a lullaby. I fell asleep to his sweet voice in my head.
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