Running through my head

Stephanie has always been a loyal girlfriend to he boyfriend, Niall horan but when Louis shows her all the finer things in life, she starts to fall for him and Niall starts to get jelous. Who will she choose?


11. Stephanie

"Niall can we talk?" I asked him. He nodded and we sat on the couch. "I don't think this is gonna work out." I told him. He looked shocked and a tear trickled down his, and my cheek. "It's Lou isn't it!?!?" He exclaimed. I nodded slowly. "Fine! You can share a room with him too!" He yelled at me. My whole body shook with sobs. What have I done? Louis walked over and placed his arm around me. I sobbed in his chest. I couldn't believe I had hurt someone that bad. Louis kissed my forehead and I cried myself to sleep.
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