Running through my head

Stephanie has always been a loyal girlfriend to he boyfriend, Niall horan but when Louis shows her all the finer things in life, she starts to fall for him and Niall starts to get jelous. Who will she choose?


4. Stephanie

Stephanie's P.O.V.
When I woke up, we were landing in Switzerland. I climbed on Niall's shoulders so we could get out of the airport easy. Sometimes girls attacked me because of our relationship. It was so awful. I've gotten attacked by perverts too. People can be crazy sometimes. As usaul, all of us shared a room. There were 5 beds because Niall and I shared one. "Let's go swimming!!!!" Louis screamed. I ran into the bathroom and changed into a zebra print bikini. All the boys were topless and in swim trunks. We walked to the beach and I ran to the water. I dove in and swam across the private lake. I felt a grab at my feet and screamed. It was louis!! "Don't be scared, I got ya." He said holding me close. Even Niall could see us.
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