Not This Time

Katie was done with Niall, She was sick of him never being around. Most of all, she was tired. Just tired. When she gets hurt will it break her new relationship?


2. Wake Up

“Wake up!” Emma yelled at me
“No!” I grumbled into my pillow
“Kat, you have got to get over him. YOU broke up with HIM not the other way around.” She said exasperatedly
“Doesn’t mean I don’t still love him” oh shit no. I did not just say that
“What?” She asked
“Yeah, yeah. You heard me. I still love Niall Horan with all my heart and soul. Blah, blah, blah” I said trying to sound bored even though every time I looked, thought, or spoke about him it ripped a new hole in my heart because I knew I could not have him.
I looked up to see Emma texting furiously fast
“Don’t you dare” I warned
“Too late she said with a smile on her face.
Harry’s p.o.v.

From: Emma
Get your arse over here and bring Niall too

To: Emma

From: Emma
You’ll see

To: Emma
Fine But it might be a while seeing as Niall hasn’t moved for just over 2 weeks

From: Emma
That’s what you’re coming over for

To: Emma

From: Emma
Ugh Fine! Katie still likes no LOVES Niall and she hasn’t stopped moping for two weeks
She’s been exactly like Niall

To: Emma
Then why did she break up with him

From: Emma
Again that’s what you’re coming over for

To: Emma

From: Emma

To: Emma
Shut up! I’ll be there in 30

From: Emma
K bye

“Niall! Get your lazy arse out of bed!” I yelled to his room
“No” he grumbled
“Fine by me. I’ll just go see Katie by myself” I said and opened the front door
“No!” He screamed then added “Give me 10 minutes and I’ll be ready.
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